Rodriguez To Helm RED SONJA Film

Everyone’s favorite She-Devil With a Sword is coming back to the big screen, and Robert Rodriguez is bringing her there.

USA Today announces that Rodriguez with be producing and directing a remake of Red Sonja. Who will be filling out, and filling out quite nicely, I’d image, the chain mail bikini? Rodriguez’s real-life paramour, Rose McGowan.

My knee-jerk reaction to this is mixed. The positive is that the director of such kick-butt films as El Mariachi, Sin City and Grindhouse: Planet Terror is guiding Red Sonja’s return to the big screen. However, it seem a bit like a vanity project he’s doing for his fiancee. I mean, McGowan is an improvement over Brigitte Nielsen (who played Sonja in 1985’s Red Sonja film), but would she have the lead in a sword and sorcery actioner if she wasn’t engaged to the producer/director?

Red Sonja is a minor character from the Robert E. Howard mythos who gained higher exposure in the 1970s when Marvel Comics’ writers increased her role in the pages of their Conan the Barbarian books. The character currently has her own ongoing series published by Dynamite Entertainment.

This version of Red Sonja is set for a 2010 release.

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