And The Director Of VOLTRON Is. . .

… Max Makowski!

There will now be a brief moment’s pause so everyone can ask themselves, “Who’s he?”

Well, a trip over to the IMDB shows us that he has directed episodes of the reality series Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and The Agency as well as the 2005 Singapore gangster film One Last Dance. He is also working on developing a big screen adaptation of the classic David Carradine television series Kung Fu, though I doubt the IMDb’s insistance that it is actually in production at this time.

There will now be another brief moment’s pause so everyone can ask themselves, “How did he get the job?”

Don’t ask me. I would think that a studio looking for someone to helm a live-action adaptation of a popular 1980s cartoon series about a giant robot would go with someone with a bit of experience handling big budget action films. Of course, Michael Bay is currently occupied, but I am sure there are quite a few others in Hollywood equally up to the task. Perhaps Makowski has some rather compromising of a studio executive in a nun’s outfit sharing some affection with a three-legged goat. More likely, One Last Dance is a stylish bit of filmmaking that has somehow been overlooked. Hard to tell, though, as it is not available on DVD. No word as to when Voltron will go into production.

Via Latino Review.

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