Is Eva Longoria An AVENGER?

September 14, 2008

While we don’t normally put much stock in the celebrity gossip sites, every now and then they do manage to cough up an intriguing bit of news. Case in point, the below picture from Flawed [click for more]


September 14, 2008

The film I am most anticipating to see next year is Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus. From what little we’ve seen of the film so far, it definitely sounds like a return to [click for more]


September 12, 2008

Righteous Kill is a movie built around a plot device. That wouldn’t be a bad thing in itself, except for the fact that as the film’s moves into its third act, the revealed motive for [click for more]

Official US ZACK AND MIRI Poster

September 12, 2008

Needless to say, Kevin Smith has had some trouble with the MPAA over his upcoming comedy Zack And Miri Make A Porno. The summation of these troubles, he has now hilariously summed in the poster [click for more]

New Releases: September 12.

September 11, 2008

1. The Women (2,962 Theaters, 114 Minutes, Rated PG-13): At long last, this film finally hits the screen. This project was in the works for over 10 years and at one time or another, every [click for more]


September 9, 2008

As I believe everyone who is interested in the Bond franchise knows by now, this November’s follow up to the franchise reboot Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, will pick up immediately after the end if [click for more]

Will Smith As CAPTAIN AMERICA? Really?

September 8, 2008

Citing it as an example of “how times have changed,” actor Derek Luke mentioned in an interview with MTV’s Splash Page Blog that he has “heard” Will Smith has been offered the role of Captain America in [click for more]

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