Halloween Film Of The Day: THE THING

October 29, 2008

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite classes during my tenure at Kutztown University was “Science Fiction Literature,” taught by Dr. Richard Law. Weaned on bad television and film science-fiction, the [click for more]


October 28, 2008

Low budget science-fiction films are almost always better than their more heavily financed counterparts, simply because they concentrate more on characterization and smart story ideas than they can on spectacle and special effects. I saw [click for more]

Rickman Heading To WONDERLAND

October 27, 2008

Alan Rickman is adding his name to the growing list of actors who will be travelling to director Tim Burton’s undoubtedly twisted new interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice In Wonderland. According to an unconfirmed [click for more]


October 27, 2008

Leonardo DiCaprio must like the idea of turning anime into live action. First his production company, Appian Way, bought up the rights to do a live action adaptation of the classic Japanese animated film Akira. [click for more]

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