Beware! BlobFest Is Coming!

Posted on 05 January 2009 by Rich Drees

blobfestrunoutIf you haven’t been to BlobFest, the annual celebration of the classic 1958 monster movie in the Philadelphia suburbs where the film was shot, you’re missing out on one of the funest film events of the year. One weekend every July, hundreds gather at the original movie theater the Blob attacked to recreate the films famous “running out” scene, hear rockabilly bands, see the fire extinguisher parade, participate in the tin foil hat competition and see screenings of classic 50s science-fiction and monster movies, including, of course, The Blob.

If you’re interested, start making your travel plans for July 10th through the 12th, heading to the town of Phoenixville, PA. None of the guests have been announced yet, but past fests have seen everyone from Chris Yeaworth, son of The Blob‘s director Shorty Yeaworth, to actor and make up artist extrordinaire Tom Savini.

For a look at past BlobFests and on the movie itself, head over to our sister site, The Blob Site.

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