Kevin Smith Tweet-A-Thon Highlights: Part 2

KSmithTweetHeader1Kevin Smith has been spending Labor Day answering fans’ questions via twitter. Starting yesterday at 8 am Pacific, Smith promised to go for 24 hours straight, and is now heading into the home stretch of his marathon.

If you haven’t already, you can catch up with the cinematic-related highlights of the first eight hours here. Here are some more highlights for those of you who couldn’t stay up over night to follow along-

A Couple Of Dicks

  • “I’m a hug Adam Brody fan” Me too. “How much screentime will he have in A couple of dicks?” Guesstimate? 39 minutes worth.

Red State

  • “How much you need to get Red State running? I will bring it to the MN Q&A, NO LIE!” I await your valid check for 5mil
  • “There’s a rumor that at least some of Red State is filming in Minnesota. Any truth?” Nope. We’re still looking for budget.
  • “Which you think will get made first Red State or Hit Somebody” Dunno. Hockey vs. Fundamentalism gone amuck. Bet on puck.
  • “when does Red State come out?” After we make it. Which is after we get the money to make it. I’ll let you know.

Hit Somebody

  • “Who’s the ideal guy to play Buddy in HIT SOMEBODY?” Still figuring that out…
  • “Think MPAA will let u make Hit Somebody as vulgar as SlapShot?” Vulgarity’s come a long way sir. I know, as I carried it there.


  • ” Last time you watched Clerks (orig) start to finish?” Right before shooting CLERKS II.
  • “If you could only be known for just 1 of your movies which 1 would it be?” I’ll be forever-known as “the CLERKS guy”. I like.
  • “Do you ever gamble?” I used to play online poker more often, but haven’t in a bit. I gambled with CLERKS; it paid off. I’m up.


  • “don’t you want a chick to draw your Mallrats sequel?” You mean the RATS comic I’ve been threatening to do for years? Sure.
  • “of all the characters you’ve created which do you think has had the biggest impact on our culture?” The kid on the escalator.

Jersey Girl

  • “Have you ever been the only person in a theater watching a movie?” JERSEY GIRL, opening weekend. Ba-dump-bump! (*sob!*)
  • “Fine, don’t respond to my tweet. Jersey Girl was bullshit.” I told you I’d call you later, Mom. Jesus…
  • “My mom thinks your the devil since Dogma. Can you change that?” Show her JERSEY GIRL, then reveal it’s the same guy.

Clerks II

  • “Who was your favorite character to write for in clerks two?” Randal was easiest and most fun. Close second was Elias.
  • “did you enjoy making clerks 2 in buena park, ca?” Oh, very much. My favorite shoot of all time. I will forever love BPark.
  • “Fave scene in C2?” Probably jail scene or entire bachelor party sequence (was so happy to get NAUGHTY GIRLS in there).

Zack And Miri Make A Porno

  • “did Rogen totally piss you off while you were making ZAMMAP?” Never once. Love him so much. Dude’s mad-talented.
  • “Will Justin Long be in anymore of your films?” Man, I hope so. He was genius in ZAMMAP. So fun to work with. Nice guy, too.

Clerks: The Animated Series

  • “How come you and Jay were always such jerks to Charles Barkley?” Because he was always trying to horn in on our action.

Jay & Silent Bob

  • “Where r Jay n Silent Bob right now?” Trapped and trying to escape.

Green Hornet

  • “why you walk away from the Green Hornet project” Wasn’t confident enough to tackle it then. Wasn’t ready to go “big”.

Movies And Movie Making

  • “Studios still looking to sink cash into blockbusters, or smaller flicks with a longer shelf life?” I’ll ask them tomorrow.
  • From @diablocody “Do you get scared before a movie comes out?” You, you, you – it’s ALWAYS about you, isn’t it Cody? #Jennifer‘sBody… That being said, I used to. ZAMMAP broke me of that nasty habit. Now I don’t care. If I dig it, I’m all good. All I can do is make’em
  • “Which of your movies’ soundtracks is your favorite?” I rather liked the ZAMMAP soundtrack. CLERKS II, too.
  • “Did you like the “Smokey and the Bandit” movies?” Sure; ’til Burt took off.
  • “Are you the owner of the rights of your movies?” In 10 years, all UK rights revert back to me. In U.S., Disney owns forever.
  • “What graphic novel would you most want to film?” Don’t wanna make it, but wanna see DARK KNIGHT RETURNS adaptation one day.
  • “Jealous of huge Apatow success since you blazed his trail?” Christ, no. He gave me Rogen.
  • “What is your fav John Hughes movie?” SHE’S HAVING A BABY. Hence JERSEY GIRL.
  • “Would you ever be a studio Exec?” Totally. In 1 year, I’d greenlight some really cool flicks, then get fired when they tank.
  • “Which one of your movies would you like to see get MST3K treatment, if any?” I’ll make fun of my own flicks, thanks.
  • “would you ever do a straight-ahead drama again?” I’ve yet to do my first, really. But one day.
  • “What advice do you give to burgeoning directors who also make movies that don’t look like anything?” The position’s filled.
  • “If you could make a sequel to any other movie (not yours) what would it be?” GROSSE POINTE BLANK.
  • “On Entourage-their idea of movie hell was directed by Michael Bay and written by you -whats yours?” Same thing, oddly.
  • “Godfather I or II?” I’m a I man, myself. Like ’em both, but like I a little more.
  • “what is your favorite editing system?” Avid Film Composer, hands down. I’ve cut every flick from AMY forward on an Avid.
  • “Fave female directors?” Martha Coolidge, Jane Campion, Kim Pierce, Betty Thomas (I love THE LATE SHIFT) come to mind.
  • “What’s your favorite Kubrick movie?” Probably THE SHINING. I know I should’ve went classier, but that flick holds up well.
  • “It’s a sausage-fest in here! What’s your fave chick flick & why?” JERRY MAGUIRE count? One of my all-time faves.
  • “are movies like old haircuts, you look back and its a wtf moment?” More like snapshots of what was happening in your life then
  • “Did you have any industry contacts/friends before shooting Clerks?” Christ, no. Shit, I STILL don’t have any.
  • “best Hitchcock film?” For me? ROPE.
  • “your biggest casting coup?” Rogen was huge. Post-KNOCKEDUP, had his pick of 100s and chose us. And he crushed it, too.
  • “would you ever consider having Tom Waits in a movie?” Of course. Who doesn’t love Waits? Dude wrote/sang JERSEY GIRL.
  • frank darabont fan?” For the most part, sure. SHAWSHANK is perfection.
  • “what is your favorite part of any of the Jaws movies?” Well, I’m a guy – so it’s gotta be Quint’s Indianapolis speech.
  • “do you hate tim burton for the Superman thing?” Not at all. I respect the shit out of Tim, even if I don’t dig every flick. Honestly: very few directors have as instantly-recognizable a style. Burton does. Scorcese. Coens. Raimi. That’s a true artist: sig-style.
  • “Did Hughes’ John Bender have any influence over the Silent Bob coat?” Over Randal? Yes. Over coat? No; that was Brother Kinison.
  • “when and how did you realize you wanted to be a filmaker” Old school question. Saw Linklater’s SLACKER. Said “I wanna do it.”
  • “what do you think you’d be doing if you couldn’t make movies?” I’d still be working at Quick Stop. Excellent job, that.
  • “which dearly departed comedy legend do you most wish you could work with?” Belushi and Kinison.
  • Pen and paper or a script writing program?” For years, MS Word. Now, Final Draft.
  • “Seems silly that you write scripts in the same program i write term papers on” Not as silly as me writing scripts at all.
  • “what directors in the biz do you respect?” I respect ’em all; even the ones I don’t dig. Ain’t easy (or hard) making movies.

We’ll be back with a wrap up of the final hours of the event later this afternoon.

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