Hoffman Talks Regrets

September 15, 2009

Dustin Hoffman gave a rare interview today when he called in to Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM Satellite Radio show yesterday morning. The fifteen minute conversation ranged from Hoffman’s early career when he shared an New York [click for more]

Review: 9

September 10, 2009

On its surface, 9 bares some passing similarities with last summer’s animated hit Wall-E. Both are set in a post-apocalyptic, humanless landscape where the main characters are robots who have outlived their human creators and [click for more]

New Releases: September 9

September 8, 2009

1. 9 (Focus Features, 1, 638 Theaters, 79 Minutes, Rated PG-13): It’s going to be a confusing year at the movies. There are a lot of movies with “9” in the titles. You have this [click for more]

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