Liebesman To Direct CLASH OF THE TITANS 2

August 31, 2010

After a summer’s worth of negotiations, Jonathan Liebesman has been officially signed by Warner Brothers to direct their sequel to this past spring’s financial blockbuster but critically reviled Clash Of The Titans. Back in June, [click for more]

ZOOLANDER 2 Still In Development

August 29, 2010

Never count a good male supermodel out. First, the proposed sequel to Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy Zoolander had a writer in Tropic Thunder‘s Justin Theroux and it looked like Stiller might be able to get [click for more]

New Releases: August 26

August 26, 2010

1. The Last Exorcism (Lionsgate, 2,874 Theaters, 87 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Exorcisms are pretty good horror film fodder. You have an innocent possessed by an evil demon. You have a heroic priest or priests fighting [click for more]

Ready For Even More AVATAR?

August 25, 2010

Last month, it was announced that this Friday’s theatrical re-release of Avatar would contain about eight or nine minutes worth of new footage. Well, it turns out that isn’t all of the new footage from [click for more]

Bradley Not Back For New HELLRAISER

August 23, 2010

Did the poor reception that recent horror franchise remakes like Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street receive cause producers at Dimension to rethink their plans of relaunching their Hellraiser series? It certainly [click for more]

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