Sommers Won’t Direct GI JOE 2

January 5, 2011

What has more weight in Hollywood – A $302 million worldwide box office take or a humiliating 34% rating at Rotten Tomatoes? If you answered the latter, I envy the idealistic world you live in. [click for more]

Review: The Fighter

January 4, 2011

Stop me when this starts sounding familiar- A young man growing up in an economically distressed area find that the only way out of his situation is to become a boxer. But the odds are [click for more]


January 4, 2011

Back when the first trailer hit for Ivan Reitman’s upcoming comedy No Strings Attached, I was concerned that the finished project was going to be a watered-down version of screenwriters fairly funny 2008 Black List [click for more]

Anne Francis, 80

January 3, 2011

Anne Francis, the blond beauty who wowed the crew members of Crusier C-57D in the 1956 science-fiction classic Forbidden Planet, has died yesterday, Sunday, January 2, in Santa Barbara from complications from pancreatic cancer. She [click for more]

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