New Releases: June 1

1. Snow White And The Huntsman (Universal, @3,700 Theaters, 127 minutes, Rated PG-13): The battle of the Snow White films might have already been won, because this film could eclipse Mirror,Mirror‘s $62 million domestic take with its grosses in this weekend alone.

The film offers a grimy, gritty take on the Snow White legend and also gives Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth a chance to add a new franchise to add to their resumes.

But the fact that Mirror, Mirror was a disappointment (it’s domestic box office was less than its $85 million budget, but it made another $97 million overseas, so it might have just made its money back) might make the powers behind this one a bit worried. I guess we’ll see on Monday if audiences are dead set against a non-Disney Snow White or not.


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