6 Badguys Who Would Make Better JUSTICE LEAGUE Villains

Earlier this week, the rumor floated that the big bad for Warner Brothers’ announced Justice League film would be the cosmic villain Darkseid. And like any decision or any comic book movie, this has caused some dissension amongst online fans. One of the biggest complaints has been that the selection of Darkseid mirrors Marvel Studios’s planned use of Thanos in their Avengers 2, also due out in 2015. (Though as our own William Gatevackes pointed out when reporting the Darkseid rumor, Thanos was created in the comics as a rip off of DC’s Darkseid.)

So are there other Justice League villains who might make a good adversary to kick off the Warner Brothers hoped for franchise? We dug into our long boxes and found a half-dozen candidates who could fit the bill if the studio suddenly decided to try another opponent for the superheroes to face off against.

Sinestro – Throughout the lead up to the release of last summer’s Green Lantern, I was of the opinion that this was the movie that Warner Brothers was going to build their cross-pollinated superhero film franchises upon. Much like Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, the character of Hal Jordan had the potential to be a good entry point into a superhero universe. Additionally, the script contained the character of Amanda Waller, someone who is not normally associated with the Green Lantern comics, but who spends a lot of time appearing throughout the DC Comics universe in her role as head of a shadow government agency. And the film ended with the (somewhat rushed) promise of a future appearance by the biggest of Green Lantern’s foes – Sinestro. Unfortunately, disappointing box office and critical response would seem to have precluded this film being the cornerstone upon which everything would be built from. However, the potential of Sinestro being a villain with an Earth-threatening scheme to drive a film is still there. But in order to get around the stigma that lingers over the Green Lantern film, Warners will have to take a page from how Marvel Studios handled their two two Hulk films and treat the Justice League film as a soft reboot for the Green Lantern character. Infer that the origin story of the GL film is roughly intact, recast the role of Hal Jordan and then throw in an explanation that he had been in space on Green Lantern Corps business for a while which is why none of the other heroes know who he is at first. – Rich Drees

Professor Ivo and Amazo – Ivo is a scientist with a pathological fear of dying. As such, he travels the world in a desperate quest for immortality. When he finds one method that works, it turns out to come at an extraordinarily high cost, it painfully disfigures his body into a grotesque form. He then becomes obsessed with finding a way to be able to enjoy his immortality. One of the methods Ivo tries out is building a robot to load his consciousness into. He names this robot Amazo and designs a special function into the robot–the ability to steal the power of any superhero. A quick run in with the Justice League and Ivo has a body with the power to conquer the world and the League has an enemy that it has a hard time defeating. Ivo could be the tragic human villain that many people could identify with (from wanting to live forever to trying to deal with the consequences of a horrible mistake) and Amazo misunderstood monster in the mold of Frankenstein, only with a power set that is more than a match for the Justice League. –William Gatevackes

White Martians – Grant Morrison’s run as a writer on the Justice League of America title JLA in the late 1990s is considered a modern classic by many critics for the way the writer treated the core team as the modern equivalent of a pantheon of gods. Out of the several stories that Morrison told during his three-and-a-half year tenure involved a battle with members of one of the two shapeshifting races of martians that have inhabited the DC Comics universe. It was an epic story and with just a bit of tweaking could serve as a basis for a Justice League film. It could start as a mystery that Batman is working on until he realizes that shapeshifting aliens are a bit out of his bailiwick, leading him to call in a heavy-hitter like Superman. Wonder Woman and Aquaman enter in as representative royalty for Themyscira and Atlantis respectively, helping emphasize the global nature of the crisis. As it concerns more than one world, it would certainly fall under the responsibility of space cop Green Lantern. And finally, it would be a good way to introduce into the mix J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, the last surviving member of the other race of martians, the more peace-loving green ones. – RD

Felix Faust – It seems like the go to villain for the superhero team up films is some kind of superpowerful space tyrant. I say, why not evil magicians? Magician have the powers to do anything from alter reality to bring about hell on Earth. Felix Faust is one of DC’s finest magicians and one of the Justice League’s oldest foes. He has a pretty good origin too, a 1920s magician inadvertently opens the portal to another dimension. There he finds a centuries old sorcerer sent to said dimension as a form of punishment. The sorcerer forcibly inhabits the body of magician and and goes on a decades long quest to regain the power he once had. Have him search for that power in Themyscira and Atlantis, maybe have him pursue some Kryptonian artifacts, and you have the beginnings of a “getting the band together” kind of story. And, if played right, you have a homegrown villain for who can stand toe to toe with the League and also put an unexpected spin on the comic book film bad guy. –WG

Starro – While a recurring threat to the Justice League from the 1960s forward, the fact that Starro is in essence a giant telepathic outer space starfish makes it sound as if it would be a tough character to bring to the big screen without getting laughed right back off. But as with everything in the art of adapting things for film, successfully bringing a character like Starro to the screen all depends on the approach taken. And in this case, I think the approach might be playing the character as an intelligent alien bioweapon or some type of Lovecraftian horror that happens upon Earth. Instead of throwing out smaller starfish-like critters that attach to people’s faces to take telepathic control of them, it instead releases something a bit more akin to the Alien facehugger. As the takeover of the human population continues to spread across the globe, Superman, Batman and the rest must band together in a superhero version of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. (But hopefully with a much more upbeat ending.) – RD

The Injustice League – If the Justice League film is meant to be the springboard for a whole new batch of DC heroes, why can’t it be a springboard for their villains too? Almost every incarnation of the Justice League in other media (including the campy Challenge of the Super Friends live-action TV special of the 70s) had the good guys face off against a evil team composed of their worst villains. Why? Because people like seeing groups of heroes fighting a group of the arch-enemies. Start with the very plausible plot contrivance of “you help me kill my nemesis, I’ll help you kill yours,” then have the heroes group together because there’s safety in numbers, finish it off with one humongous battle royale at the end and you have a can’t miss proposition. –WG

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  1. Ok and this is why DC is so far behind Marvel in terms of creativity and overall achievement of good movie development.

    While Batman received it’s good success, the last one was an overall “bleh”. Even with Bane in it. Superman is only as good as it’s Luthor (or until Singer takes over and rapes the characters sideways with a funnel tube!), Green Lantern was ok but wasn’t up to par, ect…

    Seriously with all the villains out there the best 6 you fond for a JL movie was comprised of 4 of the most ridiculous characters ever..

    A freaking crazy man who transforms himself into a living immortal wart that as no real skills that could go one on one against Superman, or Batman so you put him up against a whole team of superheroes?? iiiiish..

    Then you have a race of white martians that would be discovered because Batman is checking out some parts?? Ok seriously I’m happy you have nothing to do with writing any potential movie scripts at this point..

    Felix the ca.. sorry the Magician.. Oh boy.. yeah .. big villain for a whole f*cking team of Superheroes.. Magic rabbits will attack what .. a Smallville cornfield that will piss off Superman?? A good backstory?? Seriously… What a crappy villain to even think of…

    Then a big a$$ starfish… Sorry but I can,t even say why this would suck balls as a movie. “Look up there it’s a star fish!???” “Quick grab a boat and let’s go fishing!”..

    Other than going to Darkseid… The only cool way to go would actually be the Marvel way. The first one you mentioned. Which one of the DC villains could potentially be a danger to the Universe that would required a whole team to fight him off?? Sinestro. He as potential for a movie villain and like Marvel’s Loki he was presented in the GL movie. SO no need for a back story, we come in with him fighting off the GL Corps after he took the Yellow ring and he gets some old GLs to convert to the Yellow rings. They beat off the GL Corps and trap them, all except AL Jordan who goes back to earth to find others to help him. Sinestro and Friends go after him as he is the last thing between them and taking over the Universe from the Guardians which brings the fight to Earth, which makes it an important cause for the Heroes to unite against him.

    While The Injustice League could have potential, you’re mixing up way to many characters in a movie to make it work. We’d have to have a 3.5 hr movie to even scratch the surface. And let’s not forget that the New Joker which was introduced in Nolan’s Batman would not fit well in this league.

  2. personally i think eclipso would make a better villan. his whole nature involves possessing people and taking them over giving him a demonic /vampiric quality. not only would the justice league have to deal with infected civilians (that they couldn’t rough up too much as they are inocent victems) they would be at risk of eclipso taking them or their teammate over. just think of what a eclipsed superman or eclipsed green lantern could do.

  3. I get it when people criticize the way Warner and DC have been doing things with their movies. I’m a DC fan and I’ve been so much disappointed with several projects that this studios have shown to us lately. Nevertheless, I don’t think a JL movie will be a total disaster just for not follow the Marvel way. What Marvel did was good, but is not the only path to follow for projects like this. In fact, I think characters of the JL movie doesn’t need that much introduction like Marvel’s did.

    I think that finally Warner is putting their pants up and are daring to do this thing, thanks to Marvel’s Avengers of course. I just prey for stupid warner excecutives to be more creative and follow what fans want, because crapy films like Superman Returns, Green Lantern, Catwoman and others are the result of poor scripts and lack of creativity in the Warner studios more than DC’s. So I blame Warner more than DC, and I think Marvel has done things right but they need to be prepared, because Man of Steel will be a blockbuster and it’ll start way a much richier and complex universe populated with the most iconic and recognizable hero characters of the world.

  4. Meld a few of the ideas/influences and rip off from other DC properties. Have the Blue Beetle killed by Bronze Tiger, and leave Batman to solve the mystery. Along the way he needs the help of other heroes to subdue suspected culprits, who are all rounded up to set up a Suicide Squad-themed JL2, which would also put Amanda Waller to good use. Throw in some intrigue from Checkmate, Luthor funding it all from behind the scenes and Batman getting “help” from the Riddler, and the DC universe could really be showcased. It’s all very “Watchmen”ish, but considering the amount of people who didn’t see Watchmen who WILL see JL, it could be a safe, dark, interesting way to go with it, other than gods/aliens/useless prop enemies.

  5. I think a trilogy using many ideas from a long list of DC stories would work, while introducing characters & an overarching story. Use the Young Justice concept of the villians uniting as The Light(instead of Injustice League) using magic(connecting that world with the main one), technology & the alien mind conmtrol of Starro. This would pit the Heroes not just against civilians but also each other if affected. At the end this would prompt Batman to create a fail safe if any team member went rogue. You could have the villians shown mainly in shadow as to keep casting open for the future. Use braniac as their “partner” who will be the main antagonist in the 3rd film, leaving Vandal Savage with some of the non main villans as in Doom for the second & the Fourth movie would be Darkseid after his attention being brought to earth by the events with Braniac.

    With all that, you add the issues from solo movies & the DCCU could be as compelling if not more so than Marvel

  6. Truthfully doomsday is the best villain for the first justice league movie, he is stronger than most members of the JLA, which will force them to co-operate on defeating doomsday, with end revealing that darkseid sent the monster to ravage the planet so he can easily invade earth. hey maybe there are some flaws to this idea. The avengers had the terrasect as the main object of the movie, so aside from the villain what else do we have, to have us interested in the movie. Thor and loki’s relationship and lokis need to rule all of earth, was another point in the avenger, for JLA what else do have?
    I personally think that there shouldnt be a batman reboot, and he should be the one to convince the other heroes to work together to bring down doomsday.

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