Mona Lisa Heist Spec Script MISSING MONA LISA Optioned

Posted on 25 April 2013 by Rich Drees


The spec script Missing Mona Lisa has been optioned by Larry A. Thompson Entertainment with an eye towards shooting the film in France and Italy later this. No director or acting talent is attached to the project yet.

The script is by Mark Hudelson, an art history professor at Palomar College near San Diego. It centers on the story of Italian Vincenzo Peruggia , who in 1911 basically hid in a broom closet until after the Louvre in Paris closed and then just walked out with one of the world’s most famous paintings tucked under his arm. When he returned to Italy, he showed the art gallery in Florence who authenticated the painting was indeed the work of Leonardo Da Vinci before calling the police. Peruggia claimed that what he did was an act of patriotism, who believed that the painting belonged back in Italy. Although he was hailed as a hero by the Italian public, he still wound up serving six months in jail fort he theft. The painting was exhibited around Italy before being returned to Paris in 1913.

Since there isn’t too much to the actual robbery, I would imagine that the film will focus more on Peruggia and his motivations. With Deadline quoting screenwriter Hudelson as describing this as a romanticized version of Peruggia’s story, I have a feeling that this might not be your typical heist film.

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