Ryan Reynolds Drops Out Of HIGHLANDER Reboot

Posted on 18 June 2013 by Rich Drees

RyanReynoldsAnother stumbling block for Summit Entertainment’s attempts to relaunch the Highlander franchise. Attached star Ryan Reynolds has apparently grown tired of waiting for the project to get a greenlight and has dropped out. Reynolds departure comes months after director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the project last December.

Summit has been struggling to get this franchise relaunched since 2008. Originally Justin Lin attached himself to direct in September 2009, but he left in 2011 in order to do Fast And Furious 6. Fresnadillo left Summit’s The Crow remake in order to work on this, but reportedly had “creative differences” with the studio over the project.

The initial screenplay for the film, which we reviewed here, was by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway with subsequent drafts from Melissa Rosenberg and Noah Oppenheim.

It looks as if Summit is virtually back to square one on this. Even though they do have a script, whomever producers Neal Moritz and Peter Davis hire next to direct and star will probably have their own concerns and interests which will necessitate a rewrite. And the longer this drags out and more money is pumped into development costs, the more likely Summit is going to decide that the potential diminishing returns are not worth the investment and pull the plug on the whole project.

Via The Wrap.

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