Aaron Eckhart In Talks With Marvel Studios

Posted on 16 July 2013 by William Gatevackes

It’s one thing to hear from unnamed sources that a particular actor has been talking with a particular studio. It’s quite another when it’s the actor himself saying it.

Nuke the Fridge shows once again that precious gems can be gained from press junkets. Their Louis Love had a chance to talk to Aaron Eckhart while the actor was promoting his latest film, Erased. Love asked the actor if he was planing to work with Christopher Nolan again or in the superhero genre. In response, Eckhart casually mentions that “Marvel and…we would like to do something together.”

He leaves it at that, and since it is a press conference for another film, it wasn’t followed up on. But , if Eckhart is to be believed, Marvel wants to be in the Aaron Eckhart business.  In what way is the question.

As for leads, Ant-Man hasn’t been cast yet. Neither has Doctor Strange. For supporting roles, well, he could be considered for any number of upcoming Marvel films.

Here is the clip with the question. He also talks about Robert Downey Jr and Heath Ledger in his response. It’s worth a look.

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  2. Rich Drees Says:

    Maybe Clay Quatermain of SHIELD?

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