Vincent Gallo Has Made A New Film But You’ll Probably Never Get To See It

VincentGalloIt just might be the cinematic equivalent of the koan “If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If Vincent Gallo has made a movie but never shows it to anyone, is it really a movie?

That’s the question that springs to mind as Mubi (via Bleeding Cool) is reporting their discovery of a film credit on the actor/director’s website for a project no one has heard of – April.

April – (2013) feature 88 minutes, written, produced and directed by Vincent Gallo, role of Seth Goldstone, co-stars James Ira Gurman

Interestingly, James Ira Gurman is the birth name of Jamie Gillis, a porn actor and director who died in 2010. Were his portions of the film shoot earlier with Gallo getting around to finishing it this year?

But more importantly, will this film ever see the carbon arc light of a projector?

Gallo clashed with critics over his 2003 film Brown Bunny, infamously wishing cancer on critic Roger Ebert after Ebert trashed the film following its screening at the Cannes film festival. More recently, Gallo directed the drama Promises Written In Water and screened it at exactly two film festivals before he withdrew it from any further circulation citing –

I do not want my new works to be generated in a market or audience of any kind.

So, three years later does this sentiment still stand. And if he does intend not to make the film available to audiences, why even put it on a public listing of your work? To my mind it becomes nothing more than a home movie or a grocery list. Something generated exclusively for one’s self with no intention of being available for public consumption.

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William Gatevackes

Thank god.

Greg Korin

Thank God!

Stephen Silver

Does Chloe Sevigny blow him at the end again?

Richard Zeszotarski

Wasn’t he the second Crow?

William Gatevackes

That was Vincent Perez

Richard Zeszotarski

Oh, whatever happened to him?

Amy Jacobus

I can only wish that I never see another movie with him in it.

Jack Evans

When will we see the new Rich Drees film? I’d like to.


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