Hammer Studios Remaking ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN


An prominent creator of horror films in the 1950s and `60s, Hammer Studios has slowly been coming out of hibernation these past few years with films like 2011’s The Resident and last year’s The Woman In Black. Now the studio is looking to its own history for its next project as the news is coming that Hammer will be remaking their 1957 film The Abominable Snowman.

According to Deadline, the screenplay, by Matthew Read (Pusher) and Jon Croker (Angel Of Death), “puts a contemporary twist” on the story film which was adapted from a 90-minute BBC television play broadcast two years earlier.

The new film will be a modern take on the yeti myth and see an expedition’s illegal ascent up a formidable, unclimbed peak which accidentally awakens an ancient creature.

I know that some would wonder as to why remake this film as opposed to a number of the other, better known titles in the studio’s library. But I think that the filmmakers have a bit more leeway with a story that isn’t considered a classic, whereas they would be beholden to fan expectations if they were to tackle a more beloved Hammer film.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the original film, starring a pre-F-Troop Forrest Tucker and Hammer stalwart Peter Cushing.

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Shawn Smith

My first thought is, “Hammer still exists?!?”


Hammer Studios Remaking ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN http://t.co/qpmjKs97O1

Richard Zeszotarski

Yes, they were behind “Let Me In” the Americanized version of “let the Right One In” and the Daniel Radcliffe version of “Woman In Black.”

Richard Zeszotarski

Of all their past catalog, THIS is the one they’re re-making?


Okay here we go! Which actors today could replace peter cushing or Christopher lee? it has to be someone with the similar appearance?