What? A DC Extended Universe film having a hard time finding a director? That hardly ever happens! Except for The Flash and, now, Suicide Squad 2.

A few weeks ago, we told you that Warner Brothers had its eye on Orphan director  Jaume Collet-Serra to helm its Suicide Squad sequel. Well, apparently the attraction wasn’t mutual, because The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Collet-Serra has signed on with Disney to direct Jungle Cruise, a film version of its popular theme park ride starring Dwayne Johnson.

Jungle Cruise is set to begin production in Spring of 2018, around the same time that Suicide Squad 2 was due to begin production. Collet-Serra has a Waco docudrama on tap after Jungle Cruise, so, unless the sequel is greatly delayed, Collet-Serra will not be directing it.

Mel Gibson and a number of other candidates were also considered for the job, so it remains to be seen if Warners will go back to one of them or continue the search for a new candidate.

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