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A film fan since he first saw that Rebel Blockade Runner fleeing the massive Imperial Star Destroyer at the tender age of 8 and a veteran freelance journalist with twenty years experience writing about film and pop culture.

Required Reading: CinemaRetro #9

October 12, 2007

If you aren’t a reader of CinemaRetro magazine than you are doing yourself a disservice. Lee Pfeifer and Dave Worrall, the guiding forces behind the magazine, continually put together collections of great features and articles, [click for more]

No Hope For Landis’s BAT BOY?

October 10, 2007

Some disappointing news for you fans of films adapted from off-Broadway musicals based on supermarket tabloid headlines. It appears that director John Landis’s big screen adaptation of Bat Boy: The Musical that has been languishing [click for more]

Pixar Prepares For JOHN CARTER Trilogy

October 10, 2007

After languishing in development with different studios for the past decade or so, it seems that the film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s pulp character John Carter of Mars is starting to gather momentum. According [click for more]


October 9, 2007

Brian De Palma’s new film Redacted is many things. Raw. Courageous. Disturbing. Brutal. Inflamatory. Bold. Uncompromising. Important. A plea for the soul of our country. Quite possibly the best film of De Palma’s career. Redacted [click for more]

First ASTRO BOY Picture And Poster

October 8, 2007

Imagi Animation Studios, the folks behind the computer animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, TMNT, earlier this year, have released teaser poster and the first still from their upcoming adaptation of the classic anime series [click for more]

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