Still Hope For VERONICA MARS Movie

April 7, 2010

If you thought that the lack of news about the development of a possible big screen continuation of the canceled TV series Veronica Mars meant that the project was dead, you may be wrong. Of […]

Neil Patrick Harris To Meet THE SMURFS

March 4, 2010

But will it be legen- wait for it -dary? Neil Patrick Harris has been cast in the upcoming live action and animation combo The Smurfs. Director Raja Gosnell, the man who brought Scooby Doo to […]

Warners Looking To Go To GILLIGAN’S ISLAND

March 3, 2010

Warner Brothers is moving ahead in their plans to bring the seminal 60s comedy series Gilligan’s Island to the big screen by hiring Brad Copeland to write a new scenario in which a small group […]

Imagi Studios Closes, GATCAHMAN Fate Unknown

February 15, 2010

Last week, Imagi Studios, the CGI animation group behind the recent Astro Boy big screen adventure, was closed by its owner, Hong Kong-based Imagi International Holdings Ltd. Over 300 employees are now out of work […]


January 21, 2010

Let’s face it, you could count the number of times that a character from the long-running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live has been successfully translated to the big screen on one hand. As opposed […]

Live Action SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO Teaser Trailer

January 2, 2010

I have to admit, the teaser trailer below for the upcoming Japanese live action adaptation of the classic anime Space Battleship Yamato gets my geek blood a-pumpin’. Known as Starblazers here in the United States, […]

Deleted TREK Scene: Nero And The Klingons

October 28, 2009

Ever wonder what Nero was up to for the two decades or so that passed between his first appearance in JJ Abrams’s Star Trek film and when the main story kicked into gear? Me too. […]

First Official Look: THE A-TEAM

October 25, 2009

A few weeks ago we offered you the first unofficial look at the the cast of the big screen adaptation of the 80s classic tvĀ  series The A-Team being directed by Joe Carnahan. Now studio […]

Live Action YAMATO Blasts Off

October 23, 2009

They’re back off to outer space, defending mother Earth and saving the human race. The crew of the classic anime series Space Battleship Yamato, known in the United States as Star Blazers, is set for […]

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