…And Starring The Statue Of Liberty

October 28, 2009

When a movie’s story wants to change location from anywhere in the world to New York City, the chances are good that the transition will be done by cutting to a shot that features the […]

Rob Zombie To Remake THE BLOB …Kind Of

August 29, 2009

Rocker-turned-writer/director Rob Zombie is moving on from his revitalization of the Halloween horror franchise to remake another classic film, 1958’s The Blob. Variety has reported that Zombie has signed a deal to write, direct and […]

Thoughts On The ‘AVATAR Day’ Footage

August 22, 2009

“You’re not in Kansas anymore!” So intones Stephen Lang’s Col. Quaritch in the opening moments of the sixteen minute preview of director James Cameron’s upcoming science-fiction epic Avatar which screened yesterday evening at IMAX theater […]

SHOOT ‘EM UP Director Takes On OUTLAND Remake

August 19, 2009

Warner Brothers has hired Michael Davis to helm a remake of the 1981 science-fiction film Outland. The original featured Sean Connery as a marshal investigating a series of mysterious deaths at a mining colony on […]

Ridley Scott To Direct ALIEN Prequel

July 31, 2009

Director Ridley Scott is returning to the franchise he launched in 1979, Alien. The new film will be a prequel, which will presumedly look at how at relentless alien killing machines wound up on the […]

Run, Don’t Walk, To BlobFest!

July 8, 2009

One of the best fan run movie events of the summer is coming up in just a few days- BlobFest! Held at the very movie theater in the Philadelphia suburb of Phoenixville that was attacked […]

Stiller And Witherspoon Renovating USED GUYS

May 5, 2009

Development Hell is the place where unproduced scripts are consigned for a multitude of sins- Being too smart, too expensive or just having some insurmountable story problems. And that’s exactly where the script Used Men […]

Review: MOON

March 28, 2009

Sam Bell is going a little bit stir crazy. Coming up on the end of a three year stint stationed on the dark side of the moon, Sam (Sam Rockwell) has been the only human […]

Diesel Still Hoping For RIDDICK Sequel

March 11, 2009

One thing that really annoyed me about the 2004 science-fiction/action film The Chronicles Of Riddick, was how much of the film seemed more concerned with setting up future sequels than it was with telling its […]


February 2, 2009

I will readily admit that I have given McG hard time about his upcoming summer blockbuster Terminator: Salvation. Not to his face, mind you. I don’t know the guy and have never met him. I’m […]

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