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SDCC: Marvel’s Kevin Feige Confirms Thanos in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, More Hints On Phase Two

Posted on 22 July 2013 by William Gatevackes

For those of you who were a tad upset when Ultron, and not Thanos, was mentioned as the villain of Avengers 2, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has heard your concerns:

I think someone on the Guardians Of The Galaxy panel let loose that Thanos is a part of the movie, which he is. Thanos plays a part in Guardians as a mastermind. He very much exists at nearly another plane than any of the other characters. And we have big plans for him, over the course of a long, long time… We saw him smirking at us at the end of the first Avengers and the next time we’ll see him is in Guardians.

That’s a quote from Feige from a quick interview with IGN during the San Diego Comic Con, putting a lot of the fans’ fears to rest that we won’t have to wait all that long to see the purple-hued villain.

Of course, this makes sense. If you are setting up Thanos as the big bad guy for Avengers 3, which could very well be the last installment of that franchise, you are not going to put him on the shelf for five years. It also makes sense that if you establish a bad guy who lives in outer space, and you have a film set in outer space then the bad guy should be in that film.

Furthermore, I get the impression that Thanos will be popping up in other films in Phase II and Phase III, which makes me wonder where he’d fit in in the rumored Doctor Strange and Black Panther films. I have the feeling that, depending on grosses, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 might be in the mix for Phase III now.

Feige goes on to speak about Loki and his role in the Marvel universe and if there is any chance of him being reformed. His deft avoidance of the question leads me to believe that the character will be making a further appearance in the future Phases as well.

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SDCC: Warner’s GODZILLA Panel

Posted on 22 July 2013 by Rich Drees


Although part of a bigger presentation from Warner Brothers, the portion of the panel devoted the studios upcoming Godzilla film at San Diego Comic Con has shown up online for fan consumption. Moderated by The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, it features director Gareth Edwards and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Bryan Cranston talking about the film, which they had just finished filming a few days prior. As usual, there’s no footage from the project included – A shame as it reportedly hinted that there will be more giant monsters than just the big G in the film – but the interplay between the cast and their director is entertaining in itself. (Perhaps the best story is Edwards’ about going through Canadian Customs.)

And as a bonus, below is the teaser poster that Sony released for the film. (Click on it for a bigger version.)


Godzilla stomps onto screens on May 16, 2013.

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Posted on 22 July 2013 by Rich Drees


Another full San Diego Comic Con panel, minus any film footage that was screened by the studio, has shown up on YouTube, once again from user Emergency Awesome. This time, it is the panel that covered both this weekend’s upcoming The Wolverine and next summer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past, so it is a double shot for fans of the X-Men film franchise.

In the nearly hour clip we’ll see Wolverine director James Mangold talk about the film alongside star Hugh Jackman. Then, a good majority of the main cast joins Bryan Singer on stage to discuss Days Of Future Past.

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SDCC: VERONICA MARS Behind-The-Scenes Reel And Trailer

Posted on 21 July 2013 by Rich Drees


The moment that Veronica Mars fans have been waiting for ever since their dreams for a feature film continuation of the television series became a reality thanks to a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. The first reveal of new footage of the plucky sleuth in six years was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. And unlike many of the video presentations made at the show, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has made the footage online. It starts off with a thank you to fans for their continued support and moves into some behind-the-scenes joking around amongst the cast and ends with the first teaser trailer which reveals a few cast members and things about returning characters that haven’t been mentioned before.

Veronica Mars is on track for a 2014 release.

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SDCC: Watch The Marvel Studios Panel

Posted on 21 July 2013 by Rich Drees


Lots of fun and exciting things came out of yesterday’s Marvel Cinematic Universe panel at San Diego and now you don’t had to have been in Hall H to enjoy the presentation that the studio put on. You’ll see Tom Hiddleston’s turn on stage as Loki, the casts and crews of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy and, of course, the big announcement of The Avengers sequel’s subtitle of Age Of Ultron. The only thing not included is the actual film footage that was shown, it going unrecorded as requested by Marvel.

Via Slash Film.

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Are More Mutant Movies In The Works From FOX?

Posted on 12 July 2013 by William Gatevackes

X-ForceIt looks like 20th Century Fox is taking a cue from Marvel Comics in the 1990s and expanding its mutant heroes into multiple properties.

Bleeding Cool announced today that Fox will use its  Saturday panel at San Diego Comic Con to announce that it will expand its Marvel Mutant license into a broad series of films.

There are plenty mutant properties for Marvel to choose from. At the height of comic book glut in August 1993, mutants appeared on 19 titles that Marvel published.  But it appears that the first non-X-Men property to come from Fox will be X-Force.

Fox has already registered the domain name and the Hollywood Reporter is stating that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow has been tapped to write the script for the film with an eye on directing.

X-Force first appeared in 1991 as the pet project of New Mutants artist Rob Liefeld. Liefeld took over the plotting duties, brought some members of the members of the New Mutants with him, added some mutant characters from other books, some of his own creations, and a militaristic, more proactive modus operandi.

The team underwent numerous incarnations from that time (as a matter of fact, Marvel currently publishes two X-Force books), so its anybody’s guess to exactly which characters will end up on the screen. But the film versions of the X-Men didn’t always jibe with the comic version anyway, so we might have a patchwork group in the movie.

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Will We See More Of CAPTAIN AMERICA’S Peggy Carter At San Diego Comic-Con?

Posted on 19 April 2013 by William Gatevackes


Even though Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter was only in a little bit of Captain America: The First Avenger, she seems to have made an impression fans. And thanks to those fans, we’ll be seeing a little bit more of her.

Atwell was interviewed by The Age about her possible involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, involvement she is reticent to confirm or deny even though she is included in a cast list in an official press release from Marvel. However, she did reveal that footage featuring her would be shown and a certain comic book convention:

“There’s been an online campaign for Peggy to be featured. People really liked her. So Marvel have made sure that as part of Comicon there will be a little kind of snapshot as to what Peggy’s actually really capable of, which was finished here and which was great fun. Hopefully, it will lead to other things.”

Brendon Connelly over at  Bleeding Cool seems to think that Peggy Carter will be making an appearance in a Marvel One-Shot, a line of short subjects that began with The Consultant on the Thor Blu-Ray, continued with A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer on the Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-Ray and  Item 47, a short that was attached to The Avengers Blu-Ray. Even though the last two had at best a transitory connection to the Marvel Film Universe, using these One-Shots to flesh out supporting characters who might not be able to support their own film is a great idea.

However, the way it sounds is that footage being shown will not be as long as the shorts typically run. So what this footage might be might be scenes from Winter Soldier featuring Peggy.

I guess we’ll see in a couple months when Comic-Con rolls around.

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Four Things To Know About Barry Levinson’s Found Footage Horror Film THE BAY

Posted on 15 October 2012 by Rich Drees

Barry-LevinsonAt first glance, The Bay is not the type of film one would normally expect from director Barry Levinson. A found footage horror film doesn’t sound as if it belongs in the same wheelhouse as such comedies as Diner and Good Morning Vietnam or political satires like Wag The Dog and Man Of The Year. But once you dig into the film, you’ll find some of the interesting things that intrigued Levinson lurking underneath the surface of an incredible effective ecological disaster/horror film.

This weekend we had the opportunity to sit down with Levinson backstage at the New York Comic Con to talk about the film, how he came to make it and how it will affect how he makes films in the future. Here are four things we learned in the discussion.

Levinson initially did not set out to make a horror film, but a documentary.

I wouldn’t know how to approach doing a frightening, scary movie. I was approached about doing a documentary on the Chesapeake Bay because it is 40% dead and has all those ecological issues. I gathered all this information and thought ‘Wow, this is really frightening’ and I thought ‘I don’t know if a documentary is the way to go.’ But I began to think about it and said ‘Well, look, I do tell stories, why don’t I take all the information and weave into the story so it would become more credible?’ And that information that floats out there seems credible and frightening. So it began to evolve that way.

And even when he decided to make the film a narrative story, it wasn’t intentionally a found-footage film.

When we talk about the movie, I guess it falls into the found footage genre. It never occurred to me, this found footage genre. I was thinking if a catastrophic event happened to a town and there was no media, how would we know what happened? And because of all this, we’ll now get an intimate look at a town and its people that we never would have had in the history of mankind. All of this stuff gives an intimacy that never existed before.

Levinson insisted on shooting the film digitally with standard, off-the-shelf consumer grade cameras to create a verisimilitude that couldn’t be created with a professional digital camera.

I think it was the best thing to do… We did the tests by taking a high end camera and degrading it and I looked at it and it still to me looked like a high end camera that’s degraded. To my eye it didn’t look real. And so, we took about a hundred and some cameras and we just kept testing them and projecting them and seeing what they do and out of that we picked about twenty-sum that seemed, ‘All right, we’ll use this, we’ll use the Sony for the underwater thing for the kids and they can go under and whatever, we’ll use this, we’ll use the iPhone, and we just picked and choose so we had this visual palette. And that to me became as real as you can make it, because it is real.

Based on his experience shooting digitally, Levinson doesn’t see himself going to producing movies on film.

I don’t see the value of shooting on film, personally. I know there are some directors who see value in shooting film, but I don’t see it. You can shoot some very, very classical stuff digital and you can tweak it as you want.

Look, we are on the edge of the biggest change in the history of film since its inception. What’s happening now, between the kind of collision of everything with the internet and all of those things, begins to redefine the whole nature of film. Everything is going to be totally redefined. What was, was. Where we’re going is a whole new place. So coming here and seeing a convergence of everything that is beginning to explode is really fascinating. Can I talk about movies in the past and how much I love them? Yeah. But that’s in the past. Where we’re going to go, that’s the excitement.

The Bay opens November 7.

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NYCC 2012: Costume Parade Day Two

Posted on 14 October 2012 by Margaret Walther


The delegation from Naboo has arrived at NYCC!


Movie Batman interviews Hulk TV-movie Daredevil.


Portrait of a Droog Part 1.


Portrait of a Droog Part 2.


BRAVE’S Merida bravely waits in line to get into the main hall.





A Kryptonian elder.


Mr Freeze is still looking for a way to save his wife.


He ain’t afraid of no lines.




Some escapees from the Satellite of Love.


This picture should appeal to Two Face.


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NYCC: Producer Michael Uslan Batdances Around Future Of Franchise

Posted on 14 October 2012 by Rich Drees

Photo by Margaret Walther

With the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, fans have been wondering what the future holds in store for Batman on the silver screen. And how better to answer those questions than the producer responsible for bringing the Caped Crusader to the movies, Michael Uslan. But during his appearance at the New York Comic Con this weekend, Uslan, who shepherded the Tim Burton Batman film starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson to theaters in 1989, was very pointed about not addressing what kind of discussions were going on at Warner Brothers concerning the superhero franchise or whether the rumors that Batman‘s appearance in a possible Justice League film would be separate from where the franchise would go next.

As Uslan opened the floor to questions, he was immediately greeted with “What next?” He replied with a chuckle, “So what do you think about the Yankees? You know A-Rod’s benched tonight…”

Usland then turned more serious, stating –

We’re not ready to turn that page yet. You’ve probably all seen the media and the buzz about the Justice League movie percolating and news like that. I’ll tell you something and this is nothing to do with me as a producer or anything professionally related, if you want me to speak as just fanboy Michael and strictly fanboy Michael, how cool would it be to one day to see Batman Beyond. With Clint Eastwood playing Bruce Wayne in his 80s!

Another fanboy dream – What actors are the right age now for Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns? How do you show a Batman in his late 50s coming out of retirement bitter, for one last battle to the death with the Joker, until I realize, that’s interesting, Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson are now about the right age!

This is just the fanboy talking. It has nothing to do with the real world.

But even the fanboy excuse wasn’t big enough for Uslan to hide behind when asked, if as a fanboy he liked the idea of a cohesive cinematic superhero universe similar to how Marvel Studios has been producing their films or if he preferred to see future Batman films remain separate from the in development Justice League film.

I don’t want to go there. I think that Marvel has done an absolutely great job with [their films]. I am a huge fan of Iron Man 1 in particular. I really love that movie.

Is there anything that we can read into that statement? It seems to me that this confirms that there is definitely some internal discussions going on as to whether the Batman franchise will be linked or not with the Justice League film. And given Uslan’s reluctance to engage in even fanboy speculation it sounds as if he is very much a part of that conversation and that it is far from over.

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