New ONG BAK 2 Trailer

October 24, 2008

Just a few short months ago, it looked as if we might never see Thai action star Tony Jaa’s directorial debut Ong Bak 2 due to numerous behind-the-scenes dramas including Jaa’s own disappearance and reappearance. Thankfully, [click for more]

Alfred Hitchcock Trailer Gallery

September 30, 2008

While many directors have become famous enough to be known by the general public, only one of them has ever been famous enough to repeatedly appear in the trailers for his upcoming movies to talk [click for more]

New Trailer For W

September 28, 2008

If all the hubbub leading up to this past Friday’s first Presidental Debate was not enough to whet your political whistle, this weekend sees the release from Lionsgate of the final trailer for Oliver Stone’s George [click for more]


September 9, 2008

As I believe everyone who is interested in the Bond franchise knows by now, this November’s follow up to the franchise reboot Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, will pick up immediately after the end if [click for more]

ZACK AND MIRI Red Band Trailer

September 2, 2008

Like you expected a nice, polite trailer for Kevin Smith’s upcoming comedy Zack And Miri Make A Porno that will run before G rated films? (And remember, as a red band trailer, you may want [click for more]


August 15, 2008

The trailer for David Zucker’s liberal satire AN AMERICAN CAROL premiered yesterday on Fox News’ Bill O’Riley Show. I seem to recall several years back a big ruckus being kicked up when several movies featured [click for more]

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