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Happy Holidays From FilmBuffOnline

Posted on 24 December 2009 by Rich Drees

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all our readers a great holiday season, whether they are celebrating Christmas (both religious and secular versions), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or, the day I celebrate, Humphrey Bogart’s Birthday, from all of us here at Film BuffOnline.

Also, a quick note to say that posting will be light next week. But look for things to be back up to speed, if not even a little faster, in the New Year with many new feature articles and all the latest news.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day From FilmBuffOnLine

Posted on 27 November 2008 by Rich Drees

We here at FilmBuffOnLine want to wish all of our United States readers a happy Thanksgiving Day today. We’ll be taking the rest of the weekend off to spend time with family and friends, eat too much turkey and maybe kick back and watch a guilty pleasure film or two.

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Site News

Posted on 23 November 2008 by Rich Drees

If you’ve stopped by in the past few days you may have noticed that some things were a bit screwy around here. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a problem with our server, which necessitated taking the entire thing off line and reloading it. Of course, as is usual with these things, the process took a bit longer than anticipated. There are still a few little adjustment that we are working on, specifically, the restoration of a lot of the images will take a little time. However, moving forward, everything will be back to normal.

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FilmBuff Editor On Sirius Satellite Radio Tonight!

Posted on 04 September 2008 by Rich Drees

Readers who have Sirius Satellite Radio may want to tune into the “Stern Superfan Roundtable” show on channel 101 at 7 pm tonight, to catch me as one of the four panelists on the show. Hosted by Mutt, the proprietor of the Stern Fan Network, “Superfan Roundtable” is an hour-long show where fans discuss all things Howard Stern. I’ll be on this evening giving my views as a two-decades long listener. And if there’s a little bit of movie talk too, that won’t be so bad for me.

The rest of the day will be fairly lite one posting, though I’ll be trying to post some updates of my trip into Manhattan and Sirius’s studios via Twitter.

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Happy Holidays! (And a brief site update)

Posted on 24 December 2006 by Rich Drees

Happy holidays!

I’d like to take a few moments to thank everyone who has stopped by the site this past year. Every month our traffic numbers have gone up and I take that as an indication that we’re doing something right.

Hopefully, we’re going to keep on doing something right in to 2007, as we have some great interviews, features, reviews and more lined up to begin debuting shortly after New Years. However, in order to get that all ready, we’re going to be slowing down with the updates for the next week or so over the Christmas to New Years holiday time. We do have a film review or two that will go up and of course we’ll be posting any news that happens to break during that time. But for the most part we’ll see you on in the next year with plenty of new treats for you.

And again- Happy Holidays!

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Blogs And Blobs

Posted on 31 May 2006 by Rich Drees

So… This is that “Blog” thing all the kids are talking about…

Hello and welcome to the Editor’s Blog here at FilmBuffOnLine. My name is Rich and I’m your host. Those who know have heard me say (over and over, probably) that when I started FilmBuffOnLine, I wanted to avoid the cult of personality that seemed to dominate not only entertainment reporting on the internet, but virtually all reportage online. While in the almost four years since I started this site, there has been a detectable shift in the journalistic standards of many internet outlets, while others have found ways to balance their own identity a bit better without impacting what they are reporting on. Such a balancing act is what I want to attempt here, in the FilmBuff Blog.

The purpose of this blog will be three fold.

One- Over the years I’ve been running this site, I’ve had some experiences that while not strictly newsworthy, would still make interesting stories to tell. So this will be the place for such things.

Two- This blog will be the new place where I will spout off about the various things in the movie world that alternately get my goat or lift my spirits.

With these two missions in mind, keep your eyes open for blog entries in the next couple of days on director Kevin Smith’s personal film festival Vulgarthon, why we should be careful what we wish for when it comes to George Lucas and getting the original theatrical version of Star Wars on DVD and a few other things.

Three- I hope to use the Blog to give you readers a glimpse behind the curtain, as it were, to let you in on what is happening with the site and what new features you may expect to see in the near and not-so-near future. And speaking of new brand new features here at FilmBuffOnLine

I am thrilled to announce that FilmBuffOnLine is now the host for The Blob Site, Rita Fetter’s outstanding work at researching the history of one of the seminal ’50s monster movies. Unfortunately, recently Rita has found her time at a premium and was unable to continue her work on the site. Rather than let all of her great work disappear into the cyber-ether, I contacted Rita with an offer to host the site, to which she agreed!

You can check out the work Rita has done in researching the film’s production history and shooting locations here.

And don’t forget that next month is Phoenixville, PA’s annual BlobFest! Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the thrill of sitting in the actual theater the Blob attacks in the movie watching the movie on screen!

So, thanks for stopping by. And we’ll be back soon with more goodies from the world of movies!

Oh yes- Please ignore some of the clutter, we’re still trying to finish off a few minor details here…

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