Christmas Cartoon: THE SNOWMAN

December 24, 2008

Tomorrow sees the release of Valkyrie, director Bryan Singer’s thriller about a real life plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler planned by some of his own Third Reich officers. Granted, the film is probably not the [click for more]

Keaton Adds Voice To TOY STORY 3

August 25, 2008

Michael Keaton will be lending his voice to Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story 3, playing the part of Barbie’s perpetually smiling boyfriend Ken in the animated feature. The news was broken this weekend by actress Jodi [click for more]

THE PIXAR TOUCH: Sample Chapter

June 22, 2008

Without a doubt the biggest success story in films in the past two decades has been the rise of PIXAR Animation Studios. A small sidebusiness started by George Lucas but sold off to Steve Jobs, [click for more]

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