Another New INDY 4 Pic

January 15, 2008

Don’t have much to say here except that here’s a new picture from the upcoming Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls. Featured are stars Harrison Ford and Shia LaBoeuf, with Ray Winstone [click for more]

Required Viewing: Mythbusters Vs. 007

January 15, 2008

James Bond may have squared off against some dastardly villains in the past, but he may just meet his match tomorrow night in the form of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. For the uninitiated, the Mythbusters are [click for more]

Olga Kurylenko Named New Bond Girl

January 8, 2008

Yes, we know we reported over the weekend that Gemma Arterton had been cast in the new James Bond film, currently in production in London. However, it appears that the speculation that her character would [click for more]

New Bond Film Gets A Title?

December 14, 2007

Although the next film in the long running James Bond franchise has been progressing through pre-production with the simple working title of Bond22, it seems that numbers may just play a part in the film’s [click for more]

INDIANA JONES Teaser Poster Hits!

December 10, 2007

The folks over at have released the teaser poster for the upcoming Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. (Click to make much bigger.) While I’m excited to see the movie, the [click for more]

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