Casting Comics: IRON MAN

August 28, 2007

To commemorate the 90th birthday of pioneering comic book artist Jack “The King” Kirby, we’ve decided to premier our new, semi-regular feature, “Casting Comics,” by taking a look at the casting for an upcoming adaptation [click for more]

19 DARK KNIGHT Pics Hit Online

August 17, 2007

Well, these have been popping up all over the place and since we want to be like the popular kids, we’re posting them as well. They seemed to appear nearly simultaneously on a bunch of [click for more]

Final INDY IV Cast Member Announced

August 1, 2007

This past weekend at the Sand Diego Comic Con, Steven Spielberg announced via a satellite hookup to the film’s Hawaiian set the last of the major cast members for the still untitled fourth Indiana Jones [click for more]

Universal To Remake SHINOBI

August 1, 2007

Variety is reporting that Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to remake the Japanese action film Shinobi (2005). A variation on Romeo And Juliet, Shinobi told the story of two lovers from rival ninja clans [click for more]

Kevin Smith: Still Clerkin’

June 6, 2006

OK. I’ll admit that headline sucks. So let’s just move past that and get down to brass tacks, as it were. This past Thursday, I attended the second day of director Kevin Smith’s Vulgarthon film [click for more]

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