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Dwayne Johnson Up For GI JOE Sequel

Posted on 06 June 2011 by Rich Drees

One of the few things we’ve known about director John Chu’s GI Joe sequel, GI Joe: Cobra Strikes, is that a majority of the cast from the original 2009 film would not be back. So who will take their positions? It looks like one actor stepping up to fight the forces of Cobra is Dwayne Johnson.

Variety is reporting that the actor is currently in discussions with studio Paramount to play Joe team member Roadblock.

In the GI Joe canon, Roadblock is an infantryman known for his proficiency with a heavy machine gun. As Roadblock is also an aspiring chef I guess we should just prepare ourselves now for some variation of the line “Can you smell what Roadblock is cookin’?”

Via Variety.

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