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New HALLOWEEN Box Set Will Include All 10 Films, Alternate Cuts And More

Posted on 20 May 2014 by Rich Drees


A set comprising of all ten installments of the iconic Halloween horror series was long thought impossible, due to the rights to various installments of the franchise being divvied up between a number of different parties. But Anchor Bay and Scream Factory have teamed up and managed to cut through that problem like a machete-wielding Michael Myers and will be releasing a blu-ray box set this fall of the entire franchise.

The set will contain Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, and director Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake and its sequel Halloween II.

Additionally, the set will contain the first legitimate release of the fabled “Producer’s Cut” of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Already circulating among fans in bootleg form, this alternate cut of the sixth film in the franchise features 43 minutes of alternate footage including a different ending. And for Halloween completists, the set will also feature the television edits of the first two film which also contain some alternate and exclusive footage.

The first Halloween, directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, was shot as an indie horror movie and released in 1978. Its remarkable success prompted Universal to pick up the franchise for two more installments. The rights for later franchise installments passed through the hands of Galaxy International and CBS Video before finally landing at Disney-owned Dimension/Miramax, which released the later films of the original franchise as well as the the remake and its sequel from Rob Zombie.

Here is the press release from Scream Factory –

Last year, the horror classic Halloween celebrated 35 years of terror for those willing to partake in its vision of unrelenting horror. But that was only the beginning of the celebration. What producers Moustapha Akkad, Debra Hill and Irwin Yablans, writer/director John Carpenter and stars Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasence started in 1978 has transformed into one of the most durable, iconic – and copiously studied — horror film franchises ever created. Before Jason, before Freddy, and before Jigsaw, there was…Michael. Over the years, audiences have lived and relived the terrors of Michael Myers through ten feature films, as well as various re-edits and alternate versions. Yet to date, the complete saga of Michael Myers could only be told in pieces, in individual DVD and Blu-ray™ releases, with the rights spread across multiple home entertainment studios.

Until now…

Through the unprecedented collaboration of rival home entertainment companies Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory – the leading purveyors in horror home entertainment –Halloween The Complete Collection Blu-ray™ box sets arrive September 23rd.

For the legions of Halloween fans, the Deluxe Edition boasts 15 discs and contains all the Halloween feature films – Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II. The set includes the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED producers cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers as well as the ultra-rare network TV version of the original Halloween, the network TV version of Halloween II, plus the unrated versions of Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II. It is packed with hours of BRAND NEW bonus features including new interviews with cast and crew from the entire franchise! In response to years of fan feedback, the first Halloween will now also include the original mono audio track and the set will include both versions of the original Halloween-the original Blu-ray™ release and the recently remastered 35th Anniversary version with the mono track added back in! It also comes with a limited edition 40-page book written by Michael Gingold of Fangoria Magazine. The collectible packaging will include a newly commissioned illustration on the outer case and each film will be in its own black Blu-ray™ case with the original theatrical one sheet as the key art. This deluxe set carries an SRP of $169.99.

“This compilation is the ultimate collector’s item for fans of the Halloween films and a testament to all the wonderful talent that have worked on them,” remarked Malek Akkad, President of Trancas International Films and son of series producer Moustapha Akkad. “The partnership between Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory to present fans for the first time with all the Halloweenfilms in one definitive package is a tribute to everyone – including my father – who made these films the terrifying classics they are today.”

The 10-disc Edition includes the original theatrical versions of the Halloween films and will include select bonus features. SRP is $129.99.

Artwork and bonus features to be announced in the next couple of months.

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New Releases: April 5, 2013

Posted on 04 April 2013 by William Gatevackes

Evil-Dead-Poster 1. Evil Dead (TriStar, 3,025 Theaters, 91 Minutes, Rated R): There are certain films that many film buffs think should never ever be remade–Citizen Kane, Star WarsCasablanca, among others. Many horror fans would have added Evil Dead to that list. But we are in an era where every classic horror film, from Nightmare on Elm Street  to Friday the 13th to Halloween to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is getting remade whether it needs to or not. So the only question about Evil Dead isn’t that it is being remade but why did it take so long.

The remake does still have Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell attached: both as producers and the latter in a rumored cameo. And director Fede Alvarez is going with conventional special effects in lieu of CGI for the scares. But that might not be enough who loved the original for its DIY ethic and find the remake to slick for their tastes.

FilmBuffOnline head honcho Rich Drees has a two-part interview with director Alvarez. Part one can be read here. Part two will appear on Sunday, and will contain spoilers so see the film before you read it!

MPW-77799 2. Jurassic Park 3D (Universal, 2,771 Theaters, 127 Minutes, Rated PG-13): I fear that there will soon come a time where every weekend will look like this one, with every theater showing remakes or reworks of older films. Even sequels and adaptations will make way for teh more reliable re-brothers.

That being said, if there was a film that deserves the 3D treatment, it’s Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs seem to leap out from the screen without and digital fiddling, so they should be especially impressive when viewed through those awkward glasses.

Typically, 3D reissues are also released with a non-3D version. If that is the case here, and your only experience with this film is on TV, you should go see it in a theater. Those Oscar-winning effects are best viewed on the big screen.

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Is The Leaked WOLVERINE Really A Rough Cut?

Posted on 23 April 2009 by Rich Drees

wolverinetubbigWhen an unfinished version of the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked online late last month, Twentieth Century Fox studio honco Tom Rothman quickly sprung into damage control mode, claiming-

The version that went out is unfinished. It’s about 10 minutes shorter, doesn’t have key scenes, it wasn’t edited, and none of the effects shots were in any remotely final form. It’s a complete misrepresentation of the film and is deeply unfair to the people who have worked on it for years.

Now, however, it is beginning to look like the length of the leaked “rough cut” is the exact same length of the final, released version. Further more, some early internet chatter is stating that bar the unfinished effects and other technical items, Rothman’s exhortations were wrong and, for story telling purposes, the leaked version and the release version are exactly the same movie.

Those who have followed the business side of Hollywood know that the relationship between Rothman’s view of the world and the more commonly held perception of reality is often a contentious one. Genre fans have been dismayed at how comic book and science-fiction franchises have been  treated at Fox during Rothman’s tenure. Ongoing rumors state that Rothman returns that disdain, only seeing fans as nothing but cattle who will turn out for any genre movie, no matter the quality. (And to a certain extant, I will grant that he probably is right.) There’s no love lost between the two here.

Rothman has also not done his best to endear himself to the talent he employs. Dark City director Alex Proyas has stated that after making I, Robot for 20th Century Fox, he would never work for the studio again because of interference from Rothman and his “evil minions.” Babylon A.D. director Mathieu Kassovitz complained that severe corporate interefernce turned a movie that he hoped would “teach us that the education of our children will mean the future of our planet” into “pure violence and stupidity.” The Planet Of The Apes, the two Fantastic Four films, Hitman and Alien Vs. Predator are just a few films that have also suffered from Rothman’s heavy-handed approach.

The question is not so much “Did Rothman lie?” as it is “Is anyone surprised that Rothman lied?”

It certainly would be in his interest to try and put a spin on what was rapidly turning into a public relations fiasco for the studio who was already concerned whether the film could turn a decent profit. Many fans were already turned off by the rushed and lackluster X-Men 3. Wolverine star Hugh Jackman’s last film, Australia, died a horrible, but well deserved, death at the box office. Any hoped for anticipation for the movie to be gained by having Jackman hosting the Oscars was quickly trampled under the dancing feet of too many musical numbers that evening.

I have a feeling, however, that deep down Fox maybe feels that it may have been in their best interests that the film did leak. If it flops at the box office, they can point to the leak as the reason why, never mind that maybe people stayed away out of disinterest, a poorly handled marketing campaign or bad word-of-mouth from critics. Wolverine will be sacrificed on the same alter already stained with the blood of A Man ApartHostel 2, Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake and Ang Lee’s Hulk. All of these were films whose poor box office receipts were blamed on internet leaks, regardless of the quality of said movies.

All poor box office receipts will do in this case will be to give Big Media lobbyists more ammunition when they start making noises for even stricter copyright legislation than the already draconian and massively flawed Digital Millenium Copyright Act. As such, we’ll see yet another round of grandmothers thrown in jail and further erroding of the concept of Fair Use.

Of course, the argument that piracy negatively impacts box office flies in the face of a movie like Taken. Having been available online since the fall of 2008 thanks to an early European release, the movie – which opened January 30 here in the States – has still pulled in just north of $218 million, according to Box Office Mojo. But as I have pointed out before, Rothman and reality aren’t always the best of friends. The last thing I expect to see from the studios is a sudden rethink about the actual quality of what it turns out and perhaps leaving the artistic side of film to those who didn’t graduate college with a degree in business.

Perhaps I am being a bit alarmist. In fact, I hope I am. I am also hoping that Wolverine is a good film. But based on an early draft of the script I’ve read and some of the early buzz, I’m not so sure that it will be. We’ll all find out next Friday at the theater. See you there.

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Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 Teaser Poster

Posted on 11 February 2009 by Rich Drees

halloween2teaserposterWell, he hasn’t started filming yet, and Malcolm MacDowell is not signed on to reprise his role as Dr. Loomis, but Rob Zombie already has a release date and a teaser poster (click for larger version) for his sequel to his 2007 remake of the horror classic Halloween. While he is reportedly set to start rolling cameras in just a few weeks, Zombie is cutting things alwfully close. And that’s not even factoring in any delay in getting MacDowell back or possibly recasting the role.

While I’m not a big slasher movie fan, I am interested in what Zombie will do with this film. I found his take on John Carpenter’s classic a bit mixed. On one hand, he wanted to admirably strike out in his own direction, analyzing the forces that created the Michael Myers we know from the film series. But that material didn’t sit well next to his numerous homages to Carpenter’s original film.

So the question is whether Zombie will be striking out on his own direction completely, or will he still feel beholden to deliver winks and nods to what has gone before?

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Rob Zombie Directs Sequel To His Remake Of HALLOWEEN

Posted on 16 December 2008 by Rich Drees

robzombieSo, what does one call the sequel to a film that was a remake of an original movie without the new sequel being a remake of the original film’s sequel? A “requel”?

Whatever nomenclature we wind up using, we better think it up quick. Rob Zombie has signed to direct a sequel top his 2007 remake of the classic John Carpenter slasher film. The new film will go in its own story direction and not be a remake of the first sequel in the long-running franchise.

Hopefully, Zombie will be able to find a stronger, more stable voice for this picture than he did in the first one. I found his version of Halloween to be frustrating in its insistence on swinging back and forth between some interesting exploration of the damaged psychology of the crazed killer Michael Myers and Zombie’s insistence on remounting many of the original film’s classic set pieces.

Via Variety.

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