Thoughts On The ‘AVATAR Day’ Footage

August 22, 2009

“You’re not in Kansas anymore!” So intones Stephen Lang’s Col. Quaritch in the opening moments of the sixteen minute preview of director James Cameron’s upcoming science-fiction epic Avatar which screened yesterday evening at IMAX theater [click for more]

THE DARK KNIGHT IMAX Rerelease Locations

January 22, 2009

Perhaps in anticipation of a Best Picture Academy Award nomination that never materialized, Warner Brothers has scheduled a short rerelease of their hit comic book adaptation The Dark Knight for IMAX screens starting tomorrow. Even [click for more]


July 7, 2008

If you are planning on seeing the Batman opus The Dark Knight from director Christopher Nolan in the theaters, you will probably want to think about seeing on an IMAX screen. Why? Well, Nolan has [click for more]

DARK KNIGHT Opening IMAX Moments Screened

December 4, 2007

Warner Brothers screened the first minutes of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight for new York based journalists yesterday, with Nolan on hand to introduce the clip. One of several specific scenes [click for more]