2010 Summer Movie Preview: May

May 5, 2010

Over the next several days we’re going to take a look at the summer movie season month by month, highlighting some of the movies that we’re anxious to see, sometimes for reasons you wouldn’t expect. [click for more]

Clark Gregg In IRON MAN 2, THOR

January 18, 2010

Another piece to the overall puzzle of Marvel Studios’ cross-continuity between their superhero films with the announcement that Clark Gregg will be reprising his Iron Man character of SHIELD Agent Coulson in the currently shooting [click for more]


January 12, 2010

With one film franchise going strong and a second one just gathering steam, Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t have any more room in his work schedule for a potential third. The LA Times has reported that [click for more]

IRON MAN 2 Trailer Goes Live

December 16, 2009

It might be safe to say that Iron Mansurprised hardcore comic fans not only with its success, but also with how good it was. The inevitable sequel  became one of the most highly anticipated movies of [click for more]

IRON MAN 2 Whiplash Poster

December 10, 2009

A new teaser poster for Iron Man 2 featuring Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash has just debuted over at Apple. Still no trailer, but the consensus is that we’ll see that on Christmas Day [click for more]

More New IRON MAN 2 Pics

December 2, 2009

Hot on the tails of the release of the first teaser poster for next summer’s super hero sequel Iron Man 2 comes four new pictures from the film. The first two show star Robert Downey [click for more]

Seeing Double In IRON MAN 2 Poster

December 1, 2009

At one point in Iron Man, Tony Stark’s friend Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes (Terence Howard) stares longingly at a version of the Iron Man armor and whispering “Next time.” It was director Jon Favreau’s promise to [click for more]

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