Review: Up In The Air

January 3, 2010

Ryan Bingham is what is called a road warrior. He spends most of the year in the cabin of an airplane, travelling for his work. What is his job? He works for a company that [click for more]

Clooney UP IN THE AIR Over Reitman

August 28, 2008

George Clooney is in talks to star in Jason Reitman’s next film, an adaptation of Walter Kirn’s novel Up In The Air. Clooney will play a cut-throat corporate downsizer who is consummed with getting the [click for more]

Review: JUNO

December 7, 2007

Some comedies are like martinis in that they are an acquired taste. It may take one a few minutes to warm up to humor being presented. Juno is one such film. It has a distinct [click for more]

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