Weinsteins Pass On Smith’s RED STATE

October 5, 2007

Writer/director Kevin Smith’s much discussed horror project Red State has hit a snag, with Smith announcing on his blog today that the Weinstein Company, headed by long time Smith supporters Bob and Harvey Weinstein, have [click for more]


January 26, 2007

Not many romantic comedies open with a scene set just after a funeral. But Catch And Release, for better or worse, strives not to be an ordinary romantic comedy. In fact, for most the first [click for more]


July 20, 2006

Whoever coined the phrase “You can’t go home again,” may want to re-evaluate that sentiment after viewing writer/director Kevin Smith’s Clerks II, his sequel to the 1994 indie comedy that launched his career. Although Smith’s [click for more]


March 27, 2004

In his five previous films director Kevin Smith has built his own cinematic universe, where characters could reference events or even cross over from one film to another. His latest film, Jersey Girl, finds Smith [click for more]

Kevin Smith’s New Jersey

September 1, 2001

Independent film director Kevin Smith has amassed a loyal fan following for his “New Jersey Chronicles”- five movies loosely connected through appearances by recurring characters or their relatives. Much like Martin Scorsese’s New York City [click for more]

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