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GREEN LANTERN’s Guggenheim In Talks To Pen PERRY MASON Remake

Posted on 22 February 2012 by Rich Drees

Long before he became a television icon embodied by actor Raymond Burr, legal eagle Perry Mason was defending clients in a series of 1930s B-films from First National. And if Robert Downey Jr has his way, he’ll back on the big screen soon. Last fall, the actor announced with his producer-wife Susan Downey, their plans for a big screen revival of Erle Stanley Gardner’s famed character. The first step towards that appears to be being taken right now as it is being reported that screenwriter Marc Guggenheim is currently in talks to write the film’s script.

Although Guggenheim’s script will be set back in the decade when the character first became popular, the 1930s, it won’t draw from any of Gardner’s original novels. Instead, the film’s basic story has already been outlined by Downey and David Gambino. In addition to his screenwriting experience, Guggenheim brings the background of his previous occupation as an attorney to the project, which should certainly add an amount of verisimilitude to the script. In addition to Green Lantern, Guggenheim has also worked on the television series The Practice and Law & Order as well as creating the legal-based series Eli Stone and the upcoming Fox series Guilty, with his Green Lantern writing partner Greg Berlanti. He is also co-writing and executive producing the pilot Arrow, the adaption of the DC comic book character Green Arrow, for the CW.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

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Warners Still Working On FLASH And JUSTICE LEAGUE Films

Posted on 03 August 2011 by Rich Drees

Yesterday’s LA Times piece on the future of Warner Brothers Green Lantern franchise (which our own Comic Book Film Editor William Gatevackes broke down here) also contained a short bit that pointed to where the studio is looking to take their superhero franchise in the future.

Currently, in addition to Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman film The Dark Knight Rises next summer and Zack Snyder’s Superman film The Man Of Steel in 2013, the studio is hoping to have an adaption of the comic book hero The Flash as well as its own team of costumed heroes The Justice League making their way to multiplexes.

[Warner Brothers Film Group President Jeff] Robinov said the studio has “a solid script” for the Scarlet Speedster. The executive also remains interested in bringing DC heroes together for a Justice League movie.

The “solid script” that the studio has for a Flash movie has been co-authored by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom worked on Green Lantern. Given that the studio may be looking to have a new writer overhaul the outline the three authored for a second Green Lantern film, I wonder if the studio feels that it is as “solid” as they are saying.

The studio has had both these projects in development for some time. While I’m not sure that their mention here means that they are any closer to getting into production, but it does signal that they are still an active interest at the studio.

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GL Roundup: Alien Sneak Peek & Sequel Writer

Posted on 10 August 2010 by Rich Drees

This past weekend, rumors started floating that Warner Brothers was looking at the idea of producing not one, but two sequels to their not-yet-released comic book adaption Green Lantern. They had already hired writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to begin developing a story for a second film earlier this summer, so there was at least some commitment to a second film while principal photography on the first film was still underway.

Warners has now committed further to a sequel by hiring Michael Goldenberg to pen it. Presumably he will be working from the story developed by Berlanti, Green and Guggenheim, though the Variety story announcing the hiring does not mention the three other writers. Previously, Goldenberg has worked on Contact, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and Where The Wild Things Are, in addition to having done a polish on the first Green Lantern screenplay.

In the film, Ryan Reynolds will play a test pilot Hal Jordan who is recruited to join an interstellar police force known as the Green Lanterns. Frustratingly for fans is the fact that no official pictures of many of the myriad of aliens who compose the Green Lantern Corps have shown up yet. (Even though we are still ten months out from the film’s release.) Outside of a few photos of the prop corpse of Jordan’s predecessor, we’ve only seen some concept art for some of the rest.

The folks over at Comic Book Movie have some art which they say is the final design for the alien Green Lantern Kilowog. While it does keep in general with the design of the character, I think he looks a bit thoughtful and maybe even introspective for the being who is the Corps’s tough-as-nails drill sergeant. (Click on the picture below for a bigger look.)

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Warners Hires Writers For GREEN LANTERN 2 And FLASH

Posted on 10 June 2010 by Rich Drees

In what can only be a strong show of support for a movie that is still in production, Warner Brothers has hired three writers to begin developing a sequel to the upcoming comic book adaptation Green Lantern.

The studio has Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to begin developing a storyline for Green Lantern 2 while the first film is still a year away from hitting theaters. Additionally, the studio has also tasked the writers with developing a treatment for another potential comic book adaptation, The Flash. Depending on circumstances, the writers’ deals call for them to then turn one of the two treatments in to a full fledged script. Previously, all three writers had worked on the first Green Lantern screenplay.

Still in production in New Orleans, Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, a fearless jet pilot who is recruited to be a member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns. James Bond franchise veteran Martin Campbell is directing. The Flash also has a police connection, centering on a police forensic scientist who gains the ability to move at super speed.

This looks to be Warner Brothers first strong move in bringing the characters published by DC Comics to the big screen following a corporate restructure between the two Time Warner-owned companies last September that aimed to allow the comics publisher more creative input into the film adaptations of its characters. Fan favorite writer Geoff Johns was appointed DC’s Chief Creative Officer. (The adaptations of The Losers, released in April and Jonah Hex, due later this month, were in production before the restructure.)

This kind of forward thinking is hopefully the hallmark that Warners and DC have a bigger plan for their comic book adaptations. Marvel Studios has had more than a little success with their ongoing plans to crossover their individual superhero films Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America for the team film The Avengers coming in 2012. Could DC and Warner already be planning on creating a similar shared cinematic universe? I think that we may have actually already seen the first that this may be the case back in March when Angela Bassett was cast in Green Lantern as Amanda Waller, the head of the spy organization Checkmate and a character not usually associated with the Green Lantern books.

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