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New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clip Shows Us…Nothing New

Posted on 08 April 2014 by William Gatevackes

GuardiansoftheGalaxyLogoI have to admit, I have serious reservations about Guardians of the Galaxy, and the latest exclusive footage released to MTV doesn’t quell these fears.

As part of MTV Movie Awards Takeover: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we were privy to a new GotG extended trailer(which is embedded below). What we got was essentially the trailer you already saw, but with the opening sequence of it expanded a little bit.

While MTV is trying to play the new footage up as being like Raiders of the Lost Ark (which others have parroted), outside of both protagonists stealing something off a pedestal, there isn’t much similarity between the two. The added footage gives us a look at Star-Lord’s boot rockets and mask (which were already on display during last year’s San Diego Comic Con), put on display during the character’s goofy escape from Korath (Djimon Hounsou). Then there is some footage of Star-Lord leaping across an alien landscape, then the rest of the trailer hits.

This is all well and good, but we still have no idea what the film is about. The GotG trailer ran before Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Joining it was the trailer for Lucy, the new Scarlett Johannson film which will arrive in theaters a week after GotG. That trailer told you enough about what was going on (ScarJo play an unwilling drug mule who gets superpowers when the experimental drug leaks into her system) that you can make a judgement about the film. The GotG trailer is basically exposition about the team members, a few random action scenes and explosions, and tells you nothing about the story. Is there a reason why Marvel is keeping it a secret?

Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy opens up on August 1, 2014.

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Posted on 05 April 2014 by William Gatevackes

captainamericawintersoldierposterSteve Rogers (Chris Evans) is having a hard time adjusting to the modern world. Not socially. He has a list of pop culture touchstones, the Internet and a new friend in PSTD Counselor Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) to help him adjust. No, his problem is with his job. He has a hard time with S.H.I.E.L.D. and their proactive stance towards world security. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) considers the organization’s latest initiative, a new brand of super Helicarriers that can identify terrorists DNA and exterminate them from miles away, to be the natural response to the changing world situation. Cap feels that it is just fear mongering.

Things come to a head after a mission to free a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship from pirates starts a chain reaction that causes Cap to be hunted by not only S.H.I.E.L.D., but also a new mercenary called the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), an operative that Cap finds awfully familiar.

Captain_America _The_Winter_Soldier_1After two stumbles with Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier marks not just a return to form for Marvel, but also a film that raises the bar for the studio. This is not just a great Marvel film, nor is it just a great comic book film, nor is it just a great sequel. Don’t get me wrong, it is all those things,  but it’s also a great film period. It is a wonderful mix of script, directing and acting to make a complete package.

There are so many good things I can say about this film that it’s hard to know where to begin. The movie is a tense political conspiracy thriller with many twists, turns and “everything is not what it seems” moments. It is a complex film, yet it is presented in a straightforward manner. It doesn’t make the viewer feel stupid, either by dumbing down the plot so it becomes too obvious or having the story be so obtuse that it is impossible to understand.

cap and widowAnd unlike Iron Man 3, which shoehorned Tony Stark into the role of a amateur detective, a role he was ill-fitted for and went totally against character, this film nails what makes the Captain America character great. Captain America gets knocked for being too much of a Boy Scout. But his ability to see only right and wrong where the rest of the world works in shades of grey is exactly what a film like this needs. And credit to Chris Evans to never letting this characterization seem hokey or corny. To be honest, this film made me respect Evans’ acting ability much more than I did going in. Pay attention to him during the nursing home scene (you’ll know which one when you see it). That’s a great piece of acting there.

Big kudos need to go to the Russo Brothers. Even though they are most known for directing TV comedies, they have an innate talent for directing films of this sort. While the film runs two hours and 16 minutes, it never feels that long. The film’s pacing is excellent. It just breezes by. But that’s not to say that the film feels rushed. There’s a lot of characters, concepts and plot elements introduced, and all all are allowed to blossom into full development at their own pace. Unlike Thor: The Dark World, the villains here are not one note. Their villainy is totally reprehensible yet totally logical. It’s now obvious to see why Marvel signed the duo up so early to direct the next sequel.

wintersoldier with shield - CopyI feel I have to comment on the action scenes. Often, action scenes feel like they are presented  after a spate of exposition to keep audiences awake. Here, the action is stitched seamlessly into the narrative. And the action scenes are expertly choreographed and completely inventive. It’s refreshing to see this in a film.

cap and alexCaptain America: The Winter Soldier also is a great follow up to Captain America: The First Avenger and fits in better with the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe than the last two MCU films. Even though the tone and style of the films are radically different, this film is a definite follow up to the first film in the best way possible. And while I sat through Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World wondering why more of the other heroes stopped by to help out, I didn’t get that feeling here. Perhaps this is because efforts were made, mostly through creative namedropping, to let us know that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner still exist. Another reason is that the action is rather compartmentalized and took place over a rather short period of time.

If you are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then this film is a must see. Not just because it is good, but because it is a major game changer for the Marvel films from here on out (and if you watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you might want to let the episodes pile up in your DVR until you catch this film ). However, if you are the person who has to drag a non-comic loving friend or loved one to these types of film, this might be a film they will like on their own terms. It’s that good.

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New Releases: April 4, 2014

Posted on 03 April 2014 by William Gatevackes

captainamericawintersoldierposter1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Disney, 3,938 Theaters, 136 Minutes, Rated PG-13): After what I thought were disappointing efforts in Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, I felt that chinks in Marvel’s cinematic armor were beginning to show. That led me to have serious doubts about this film. Cap is my second favorite Marvel character, and to have his next movie be directed by a pair of brothers with little big screen or action movie experience didn’t help matters any.

But the advance buzz for the film has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has an 89% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes, rarefied air for comic book film. And people have been saying that the film is the best Marvel film to date.

So, yeah, my doubts have been replaced by a giddy, childlike anticipation for the film. I’ll be seeing the first showing tomorrow. FilmBuffOnline Head Honcho Rich Drees has already seen the film, and I’m sure his thoughts will be up on the site soon. And, if Rich lets me, my thoughts will be published not long after.

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Bloomberg Business Week Article Gives Hints To Marvel Studios’ Future

Posted on 03 April 2014 by William Gatevackes

BBWMarvelCoverIt’s not often that you find film scoop and spoilers from a financial magazine, but that is what you get from Bloomberg Business Week’s profile on Marvel Studios in their latest issue. Yes, you do get facts and figures illustrating how Marvel’s film arm benefited the comic book company financially from the Devin Leonard article, but you also get some information on the what the future of their film franchises.

For instance:

  • Marvel has a slate for their film output mapped out until 2028: Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what characters will be hitting the big screen between now and 2028. I’m sure that there are some films penciled in here and there, but I think that what they are talking about is merely a release framework. And, even if they did have characters inked in up to 2028, I wouldn’t count anything being cast in stone. Who knows if comic book films will still be popular in 14 years?
  • There is a mystery villain in Guardians of the Galaxy: As an example of Kevin Feige’s hands-on approach to the Marvel films, the article describes a conversation between Feige and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn about a certain scene from the film. The scene involves “an imposing-looking villain any serious comic book fan would recognize instantly” who ” sits on a rocket-powered throne.” Feige swears Leonard to secrecy, stating the reveal would be a big spoiler. However, this does not stop Leonard from suggesting that it might be Dr. Doom (whose rights are owned by Fox, not Marvel, so it can’t be him), MODOK (whose trippy visual appearance would fit in with the alien world of outer space, but would be too big of a break from his comic book origin), and Odin (which, if you’ve seen the Thor: The Dark World, is not that much of a stretch). Of course, the much more likely candidate is Thanos, a character everyone suspected would be in the film anyway.
  • The characters in Guardians of the Galaxy might be spun off into their own movies: This might be a case of putting the cart before the horse, as GotG is Marvel’s riskiest venture to date and its success is anything but guaranteed. But I think it would be at the very least prudent to put a Rocket Raccoon film into early development.
  • There might be more characters introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron than we have been told, and they might be getting films too: Leonard relates a meeting of Disney head honchos Bob Iger and Alan Horn with the Marvel brain trust about characters being introduced  in the Avengers sequel who might be good candidates for their own film. Iger refuses to name the characters. Now, by now we know that Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision have already been named as being in the film. Could this mean there could be more Avengers added to the roll call? Well, that depends on when the leg work for the article was done. James Gunn is doing preliminary work on a scene from GotG in the article. Now, if this is a scene that is going to be tacked on the already finished film, then the spinoff character(s) might be someone new, like the oft rumored Black Panther or Ms. Marvel. If Leonard did the legwork while GotG was in preproduction, I don’t believe that Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch or the Vision were announced at that time, so Iger could be referring to them.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Release Date Set For May 6, 2016

Posted on 13 March 2014 by William Gatevackes

CaptainAmericaHeader2The staring contest between Disney and Warners over their superhero films has gotten just a little more interesting and the open spots in Marvel’s Phase III has gotten a little smaller.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Captain America 3 will take the previously announced May 6, 2016 spot on Disney/Marvel’s slate. As you know, Warners made some waves when they moved their Batman vs. Superman from 2015 to May 6, 2016, putting its DC Comics superhero film in competition with whatever Marvel’s would be, head to head.

Kevein Feige had said in the promotional rounds for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that he refused to budge from the May 6, 2016 date, a date Marvel announced way before Batman vs. Superman shifted schedules. However, there are rumors that Warners has already blinked and moved their film a week earlier, to April 29.

Of course, those were only rumors. It will be interesting to see if the rumor changes no that Warners knows what their up against. They might think the first, live-action pairing of two of their biggest characters will have more luster and allure than the third installment of a Marvel franchise. However, this might not be as sure-fire a win as Warner’s thinks, as advance buzz for The Winter Soldier says it is phenomenal. If it is as good as they say, people might be lining up for the sequel from the same directors.

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Marvel Vetting Directors, Writers For DOCTOR STRANGE

Posted on 21 February 2014 by William Gatevackes

dr_strangeIn recent years, surely as a sign of the studio’s growth in stature and faith in its creative leanings, Marvel has gotten away from known directors for its projects (such as Jon Favreau on Iron Man, Edgar Wright on Ant-Man, and Kenneth Branagh on Thor) to more little known or unproven ones (The Russo Brothers on Captain America: Winter Soldier, Alan Taylor on Thor: The Dark World, and Shane Black on Iron Man 3). And it looks like that trend will continue on its latest offering.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog states that Marvel is in the process of vetting director and writers to tackle the awesome task of bringing Doctor Strange to the big screen. They are said to be looking for writer/directors first, but will be willing to pair compatible writers and directors together.

On the director side, four names are mentioned, all with experience on the writing side of the business as well:

  • Mark Andrews: A Pixar veteran (said to be Brad Bird’s right hand man), who was brought in to replace Brenda Chapman as writer and director on Brave (he is credited as co-director on the film).
  • Nikolaj Arcel: A Danish filmmaker with four films he wrote and directed in his native Denmark (King’s Game, Island of Lost Souls, Truth About Men, A Royal Affair). He has no American films to his credit yet, although he has begun work as writer/director of the adaptation of Don Winslow book The Power of the Dog. His attachment to Doctor Strange has already brought rumors that he will bring fellow Dane Mads Mikkelson in as Stephen Strange, a move I am completely down with.
  • Dean Israelite: The closest thing to a true unknown here (his sparse IMDB page lists only a number of short subjects he wrote and directed on his resume). He did recently complete his feature debut, the Michael Bay produced Welcome to Yesterday. The film was originally scheduled to come out next Friday, but was postponed indefinitely. There are two schools of though on the Internet about this, both good (that the film test so well they are looking  for a summer or fall release) and bad (it’s delayed so Bay can go in and work it over. And if Bay is stepping because your film has problems, your film has problems).
  • Jonathan Levine: He is the writer/director of the critically acclaimed Indie, The Wackness, and the exceptionally good Zom-Rom-Com, Warm Bodies. He has also directed All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and 50/50.

On the purely writer side, Glen Berger and Jon Aibel, known for their work on Monsters vs Aliens, the Kung Fu Panda films, and, ugh, the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequels in the lead to pen the screenplay if Marvel chooses to go the separate writer/director route.

What this all means, of course, is that Marvel is restarting the project from scratch and the previous take on the script by  Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly has most likely been scrapped. This also means that the likelihood of Doctor Strange being part of Marvel’s film slate in the near future is almost nil. The film, if it ever appears, most likely won’t appear until Phase IV or Phase V. Keep that in mind when you hear the next round of casting rumors.

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ANT-MAN Moves Up To July 17, 2015

Posted on 23 January 2014 by William Gatevackes

AntManLogoPart of me likes to think this is Disney saying, “Oh, you’re going to move your 2015 superhero movie to the same day as our superhero movie in 2016? Well. we’ll move our superhero movie in 2015 to crush your fairy tale movie in 2015. THHHBBBPPPTTT!!!!”

Bleeding Cool has the news that Disney will be giving us Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man about two weeks quicker than originally expected, moving the film from July 31, 2015 to July 17, 2015.This was the spot formerly occupied by Warner Brothers’ Batman vs. Superman and currently occupied by the studios Joe Wright’s Pan. I guess we’ll all find out which of the two Wrights come out wrong then.

The last time Marvel moved a release date for its films, it was in 2010 when it moved Thor from 2010 to 2011 and Captain America and The Avengers from 2011 to 2012. This might not be the only movie Marvel makes. Warners has moved Batman vs. Superman to May 6, 2016. the same day as the as yet unspecified Marvel Phase III film. We’ll have to see which film keeps that date when the dust settles.

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MARVEL Casting News: Kretschmann Cast As Strucker, Pena & Collins Jr. In Talks For ANT-MAN

Posted on 15 January 2014 by William Gatevackes

MarvelStudiosLogoWe probably are going to have a whirlwind of casting rumors and announcements concerning The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man in the coming weeks, so you should expect more of these posts in the future.

thomaskretschmannIt appears that Marvel has found its Baron Strucker, and it’s neither Marton Csokas nor Dougray Scott, as previously rumored. The Wrap is stating that German actor Thomas Kretschmann has been cast as the ex-Nazi, current-Hydra leader in Age of Ultron. Kretschmann, who is currently playing  Van Helsing in NBC’s Dracula, has supposedly signed on for multiple films as well.

The news site claims that Strucker will face off against Captain America and Nick Fury in the film. One assumes that this will be during the present day, and Strucker’s longevity will somehow be explained away. Previous rumors state that Strucker’s appearance will be at the start of the film and most likely will be where Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will be introduced, adding more weight to the fight taking place in the present day.

penacollinsWe also have a pair of actors rumored to be in talks for roles in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. The first also comes from The Wrap and says that World Trade Center‘s Michael Pena is in talks for a supporting role in the film, and Mario-Francisco “I can be just as wrong as El Mayimbe” Robles over at Latino Review is stating that Pacific Rim‘s Clifton Collins Jr. is also up for a role as well.

Of course, these should be taken with a grain of salt. The Wrap states in its article that Marvel denied being in negotiations with Pena, and, well, the Collins Jr. rumor comes from Latino Review. Enough said about that.

No word on what role each actor is auditioning for, be it a friend or foe of Ant-Man, or even if the actors are going up for separate roles. More on this as it develops.

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2013 In Review: What The Top Ten Grossers Say About The State of Cinema

Posted on 01 January 2014 by William Gatevackes

TicketsIf there is one constant in Hollywood, it’s that money gets things done. So, if we want some idea where Hollywood is going in the future, we have to look at the highest grossing films of the past year. What secrets do they hold? What truths do they tell? Let’s find out.

Below is a list of the top ten domestic grossing films from 2013, accurate as of Monday, December 30, 2013, as they are reported by Box Office Mojo:

2013 top ten1. 2013 was $380 million off from 2012 domestically: The drop off is even more severe in combined worldwide grosses, which dropped $1.6 billion from last year.

Is this cause for panic? Not necessarily. Last year had the 800-lbs gorilla that was The Avengers, the final installment of Nolan’s Batman franchise and the Twilight franchise. Plus, there was a Bond film thrown in there for good measure. So there are a lot of reasons why this drop could just be a return to normal rather than the start of a great decline. But it still bears watching.

iron man tony stark Robert Downey Jr2. Robert Downey Jr. might be more valuable to Marvel than they’d like to admit: To date, only two Marvel films have reached #1 in the year in box office, The Avengers last year and Iron Man 3 this year. The other Marvel film this year, Thor: The Dark World, failed to crack the top ten by about $20 million dollars. The calls to mind 2008, when the first Iron Man made it to #2 in the top ten domestic grossing films and The Incredible Hulk ranked only #17. And for the record, Iron Man 2 was the 3rd highest grossing film of 2010. Also for the record, no other Marvel film scored higher than #10 in the year end lists.

So, the most successful films put out by Marvel had Robert Downey Jr. in a featured role. This explains why Marvel was so quick to sign him to Avengers 2 and so soon after the first receipts for Iron Man 3 came in. The only question was why Marvel didn’t throw buckets of money at him for more Iron Man films at the same time.

3. Man of Steel shows that Warners finally has figured out what to do with their DC Comics characters. Maybe: After years of false starts, Warners has finally had a hit movie starring a DC character other than one wearing a batsuit. Granted, is was with the most known character, Superman, but still. Superman Returns showed how hard it is to get people interested in a character as iconic as the Man of Steel.

The film overcame mixed reviews from both professional critics and comic book fans to earn more than $662 million worldwide, giving Warners the chance to capitalize on their DC characters the way Marvel has been capitalizing on theirs for years.

Of course, any continued success relies on Warners making Batman vs. Superman work. They are cramming just about every viable DC hero into that movie, hoping to create a Big Bang to get their shared universe started. That is a risky proposition. I can’t wait to see how, or, rather, if, they pull that off.

Gravity-2013-Movie-Poster4. Gravity tells us that Oscar bait can be successful–if it has a high concept: You don’t often get a lot of crossovers between the Top Ten highest grossing films and the shortlist for Oscar glory. The highest domestic grossing Oscar nominated film last year was Lincoln, which came in at #13. Where did Oscar winner Argo rank? It was #22.

So the fact that Gravity, a film that seems like a lock for a Best Picture nomination and a very good chance of walking off with a statue, was the 6th highest grossing film domestically is kind of a big deal.

Of course, the fact that its plot–an astronaut stranded in space has to find their way back to Earth–sounds like something John McTiernan might have directed Bruce Willis in in the 90s, helps. It is certainly a high-concept, attention grabbing story. The acting of Sandra Bullock and directing of  Alfonso Cuaron served to elevated to Oscar worthy status.

5. Frozen is proof that Disney’s in-house computer animation arm has become just as vital and exciting as its Pixar arm:  For a long time, the tradition of quality Disney animation was shouldered by its partner-turned-subsidiary, Pixar. While Disney was releasing critical failures such as Brother Bear and box office bombs such as Home on the Range and Treasure Planet, Pixar was putting out classics like Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. When it looked like Pixar was going to break away from Disney, the Mouse House made the decision to forgo conventional animation and go all in on in-house CGI fare. The results were the critically lambasted Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons. It seems dark days were ahead for the mouse.

That being said, it’s was not hard to view Disney’s buying of Pixar as a sign of defeat at the time. When Pixar’s John Lasseter was made chief creative officer of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation, it would not be outlandish  to think Disney was handing over it’s animation future exclusively to Pixar, a move that would have made a lot of sense.

Fortunately, that did not happen. Not only did Lasseter bring back the two-dimensional animation that was Disney’s hallmark with 2009′s The Princess and the Frog, but he started building up Disney’s in-house computer generation arm as well.Starting with 2008′s Bolt and continuing through 2010′s Tangled and 2012′s Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s in-house computer animated fare began displaying better stories to add critical acclaim to the financial successes.

msf_frozen_lg_v13But with Frozen, something spectacular has happened–Disney’s in-house animation arm will have surpassed Pixar both in quality and in grosses. Yes, the film will end the year about $20 million behind Monsters University. But Frozen has only been in release for 5 weeks, and Monsters University’s take is after it completed its 26-week theatrical run. . It should over take Monsters University this week, and leave it in the dust by the time it ends its theatrical run.

And it’s not that Monsters University is a bad film, it’s just that I found Frozen to be a far better film. It was funnier, had better characters, had more emotional pull and had a much better story. Granted, you can not do a straight apples to apples comparison. After all, part of Frozen’s appeal is in its expertly crafted songs. Monsters University, not being a musical, has nothing to offer on this point in return. But I think that Frozen is good enough to not only win the Best Animated Feature Oscar, but also have a shot at a Best Picture nod.

If this trend keeps up, Disney will have two CGI animation arms that excel in quality from start to finish. As a fan of animation, you can’t help but be excited by that. And if you respect the history of animation, you should doubly excited.

6. There’s a reason why Universal is not willing to let go of Fast and Furious: In the wake Paul Walker’s tragic and ironic death in a car crash on November 30, there have been many calls for Universal to shelf the Fast and Furious franchise. After weeks of debate, it was decided that the franchise would go forward, with Fast & Furious 7‘s release date being moved from July of 2014 to April of 2015 in order to address Walker’s departure.

Perhaps in a perfect world, the film would have been cancelled and Walker’s fans would get their wish. But as you can see, Fast & Furious 6 was the 8th highest grossing film domestically last year. When you add its $550 million international gross, it became the 4th highest grossing film worldwide. Taking into consideration that sources say that up to half the film was already shot, Universal has already invested a lot in the film already. The money invested so far and the potential profits are a hard thing for any studio to give up. 

And even though Walker was a vital part of the cast, as hard as it is to say, he wasn’t the biggest draw in the ensemble. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and most of the other players, many with international appeal, will be returning. So, from a callous business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to call it quits now, even though many people think they should.

It remains to be seen if the tragedy changes this paradigm in anyway. Walker’s death my spoil the franchise its fans and the grosses will plummet. Or morbid curiosity might carry the franchise to new heights. But the best we can hope for is that the next film honors Walker’s legacy instead of sullying it.

7. We are going to see a lot of Oz themed films come down the pike in the near future: Back in 2010, FBOL Head Honcho Rich Drees told us of nine Wizard of Oz related projects that Hollywood had in the works. Oz, the Great and Powerful was third on the list but the first to have its feature film come to fruition. And considering that the film doubled its budget in worldwide grosses, we can expect to see the seven remaining properties (The Witches of Oz had a limited theatrical release before being recut into a SyFY UK miniseries).

First up will be Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. The computer animated film, originally titled Dorothy of Oz, will be hitting theater on May 9, 2014. The adaptation of Caliber Comics’ OZ, now called Dreams of Oz instead of Dark Oz, is still in development with an eye on release in 2014. An adaptation of the stage musical Wicked is still in development. There are a number of other Oz projects, some that Rich mentioned, some new, that are also in the works. And, of course, a sequel to Oz, the Great and Powerful is being considered.

And if you think you can escape the Oz onslaught be staying home, think again. There are no less than five TV projects based around the concept too.

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Paul Rudd Is ANT-MAN

Posted on 18 December 2013 by William Gatevackes

PaulRuddSometimes great choices come down to process of elimination.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Marvel and Edgar Wright have chosen Paul Rudd to be their Ant-Man. Rudd has been in contention for the role since back in October, along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since Gordon-Levitt has attached himself to Warner Brothers Sandman project, it looks like it became a one-man race.

This casting news is rather strange since Rudd has been asked repeatedly about Ant-Man on the promotional tour for Anchorman: The Legend Continues and his stock answer was that it was just a rumor and he knew nothing about it. Sheeyeah right. Well played, Mr. Rudd. Well played.

In my opinion, it’s a great choice. I really like Rudd as an actor. One of the main gripes people might have about him is that he has spent the last few years as part of The Apatow Repertory Players, doing comedy after comedy. But those familiar with his career know that Rudd has done well in a series of dramas, notably The Shape of Things and Cider House Rules, in the past. So don’t expect Ant-Man to be any more of a comedy than any other Marvel film.

Another hit is his age. He is 44, which is a bit long-in-the-tooth for some when it comes to their action heroes. But if he is playing Hank Pym, he’ll be playing a scientist. Not many twenty-somethings have PhD’s.


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