New Releases: October 22

October 21, 2010

1. Paranormal Activity 2 (Paramount, 2,900 Theaters, 91 Minutes, Rated R): The first Paranormal Activity was such a surprise hit that it became a mini-national sensation when it was released last year. It hit wide [click for more]

New Releases: March 12

March 11, 2010

1. Green Zone (Universal, 3,003 Theaters, 115 Minutes, Rated R): The director of the Bourne  films and the star of the Bourne films means this essentially a Bourne film, right? Not exactly. Matt Damon plays [click for more]

New Releases: December 11

December 11, 2009

1. The Princess and the Frog (Disney, 3,434 Theaters, 97 Minutes, Rated G): This is the week where I can’t decide what I think about the films being released. Each film has a lot going [click for more]

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