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Serkis Going Ape Again

Posted on 30 June 2010 by Rich Drees

Without a doubt, Andy Serkis is the preeminent motion-capture actor today. His work on Gollum in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings films proved that characters could be fully realized through the process of using human actors to drive computer created visuals, a process he further further evolved on the human side of the equation with Jackson’s King Kong remake.

Serkis will be slipping back into a mo-cap suit for 20th Century Fox’s Planet Of The Apes prequel/reboot Rise Of The Apes. He’ll be portraying Caesar, the genetically altered chimpanzee who is the one responsible for the events eventually leading to the future that Charlton Heston discovers in Planet Of The Apes.

This should come as no big surprise as it has already been announced that most of the film’s chimpanzees and apes would be realized by WETA through CGI.

At least this bit of news coming to us via twitter is from Chris Petrikin, Fox’s VP of Corporate Communications and not from an actor possibly bypassing agents and management.

Serkis joins the already cast James Franco, John Lithgow and Freida Pinto. Filming is set to begin next week.

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