New Releases: February 25

February 24, 2011

Drive Angry In 3D (Summitt Entertainment 2,290 Theaters, 104 Minutes, Rated R): As Nicolas Cage slowly works his way through the low-rent genres, he kills two birds with one stone this week. He takes on [click for more]

New Releases: January 7

January 7, 2011

1. Season Of The Witch (Relativity, 2,816 Theaters, 95 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Nicolas Cage has had a interesting career after winning his Oscar. It’s easy to look at the stinkers on his post-Oscar resume (Ghost [click for more]

New Releases: July 14

July 14, 2010

1. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Disney, 3,385 Theaters, 111 Minutes, Rated PG): You have to hand it to Disney. They’re a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate, could probably foolishly waste money on original properties, but instead they [click for more]

Second Look Review: KNOWING

July 6, 2009

When Alex Proyas’ latest film, Knowing, was released this past March, it did not fare well with either critics or at the box office. With the film  being released on DVD and Blu-Ray today, Michael [click for more]

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