Two New AIRBENDER Posters

January 25, 2010

So I’ve never watched an episode of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it seems to have its fans who have been vocal about every little bit of information that has leaked out [click for more]

IRON MAN 2 Whiplash Poster

December 10, 2009

A new teaser poster for Iron Man 2 featuring Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash has just debuted over at Apple. Still no trailer, but the consensus is that we’ll see that on Christmas Day [click for more]

Seeing Double In IRON MAN 2 Poster

December 1, 2009

At one point in Iron Man, Tony Stark’s friend Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes (Terence Howard) stares longingly at a version of the Iron Man armor and whispering “Next time.” It was director Jon Favreau’s promise to [click for more]

UK Gets Stunning PARNASSUS Poster

October 14, 2009

Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus opens in the UK on Friday, and those lucky Britishers have gotten one last poster for the film. This one features Lily Cole, who as Parnassus’s daughter is [click for more]

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