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New Releases: August 23, 2013

Posted on 22 August 2013 by William Gatevackes

youre_next3 1. You’re Next (Lionsgate, 2,435Theaters, 95 Minutes, Rated R): It doesn’t take much to create innovation in the horror genre. Look at Scream. All it basically did was introduce horror films into the world of that particular horror film. All of a sudden, the film became a metacommentary on the genre and therefore became innovative.

This film has also received some acclaim for renovating the genre, but really all it is is a bunch of genre tropes combined together to create something new. It’s “Home Invasion” plus “Masked Assailants” plus “Slasher Film” plus “Ten Little Indians” plus “Girl Fights Back.”

This doesn’t mean the film won’t be good. Word of mouth has been great and it follows two of Bill’s Rules for Horror Movie Success: it’s short and it’s R rated.

The plot involves a rich family gathering in a remote mansion to celebrate an anniversary. Unfortunately, a group of marauding serial killers happens upon the house seemingly at random during a killing spree in the neighborhood. Family members die one after another, and the carnage continues until a girlfriend of one of family decides to fight back.

The_Worlds_End_72. The World’s End (Focus Features, 1,548 Theaters, 109 Minutes): It should come as no surprise to readers of mine that I love the films coming from the  trio of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright. I thought Shaun of the Dead was a witty take on the just become overplayed zombie genre. I thought that Hot Fuzz was a brilliant appliance of the American police action film tropes to the typical British crime drama. I even like them when apart. I like Paul, which featured Pegg and Frost  but not Wright and I loved Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

So it pains me to see that this film will get absolutely crushed in theaters this weekend. It’s paltry theater count means that it will be hard for it to make an impact. I’d wager a bet that it isn’t even playing in most places in the country at all.

Which is a shame because I was hoping this film would open bigger, both in terms of theater counts and in box office receipts. It details a man who is stuck in the past reuniting his mates to complete a legendary pub crawl they didn’t finish when they were younger. But as often happens, a lot has changed in the years they were away. There are a whole lot more Starbucks, everything is a lot cleaner, robots have replaced all the locals, you know, the usual.

Please make an effort to see this in the theater. It deserves it and you deserve it.

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New Releases: May 31, 2013

Posted on 30 May 2013 by William Gatevackes

hr_After_Earth_poster-21. After Earth (Sony/Columbia, 3,401 Theaters, 100 Minutes, Rated PG): So, I wonder if the producers of this film are sweating it out just a bit. I’m sure that thought that this film, about a military man and his son who return to Earth after an global apocalypse, wouldn’t be affected by being released just six weeks after Oblivion, a film about a military man who returns to Earth after an global apocalypse, because, hey, who doesn’t like post-apocalyptic films anyway?

Well, American audiences might not like them as much anymore. Oblivion, while opening at #1, dropped quite severely from then on, and it looks like the film might have trouble making its budget back domestically. (it’s overseas grosses were quite good, as Tom Cruise’s movies usually are, so might end up making a profit). Could audiences be done with thinking about the end of the world? That will make for a tough summer movie season, because the world will end in theaters several times in the next few months.

One mitigating factor that this could do worse than Oblivion is M. Night Shyamalan, a director who has gone from “I gotta see his film!” to “God, you couldn’t drag me in to see his films” in record time. Although Shyamalan is only directing the film (he did a rewrite of the film but that’s it), so it shouldn’t be as bad as The Last Airbender or The Happening. And this one has Will Smith in it, a star who usually does pretty well at the box office.

475012. Now You See Me (Lionsgate/Summit, 2,925 Theaters, 116 Minutes, Rated PG-13): If there is one movie I am rooting for the summer film season, it’s this one. This might come as a surprise to you who have read my stuff before, who might have thought it would be one of the comic book films or possibly even The World’s End.

No, this one gets my vote. It’s got a fun concept (basically, it’s Ocean’s 11 with magicians). It’s got a great cast (See that poster over there? Five people on it have Oscar nominations. Three of those five have multiple nods. Two of those three have won an Oscar and one of those two have one more than one Academy Award).

But its a really busy summer. There are a lot of films competing for your theater-going dollar. A film like this can get lost in the shuffle. I am really hoping it doesn’t.

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ANT-MAN Gets A Release Date, First Film In Marvel’s “Phase Three”

Posted on 15 October 2012 by William Gatevackes

After Edgar Wright showed test footage of proposed special effects from Ant-Man at San Diego Comic Con 2012, the world underwent months of speculation as to whether or not  might sneak the film in before Avengers 2. Unfortunately,  Deadline‘s review of an updated Disney release slate announced today put an end to the guessing. No, Ant-Man will not be part of Phase II, it will be the first part of Marvel’s Phase III, with a release date of November 6, 2015, a little over six months after Avengers 2’s release date of May 1, 2015.

Rumor had it that production on Ant-Man would begin after Wright wrapped up The World’s End, perhaps as soon as early next year. The release date might put this rumor in doubt, as typically even the most effect heavy films don’t take over two years to make.

Another thing to consider is that if Marvel sticks to it’s strict two movies per year development plan, this means 2015 is all sewn up with Avengers 2 and Ant-Man. If we are going to see a Black Panther film, a Hawkeye/Black Widow spin-off, or a solo Mark Ruffalo Hulk film, the earliest we’d see any of these would be 2016. Probably later, because sequels from existing film franchises will also need to be put into the mix.

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There’s A First Draft Script To Wright And Pegg’s Next Film

Posted on 12 December 2011 by Rich Drees

As many fans of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz know, those two films were the first two parts of a thematic triptych alternately referred to as “Blood and Ice Cream” or “The Three Flavours Trilogy” and that at some point director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were going to reteam for the final installment The World’s End. That time may be upon us as Frost has told Coming Soon that a first draft of the script now exists-

There is a draft out there, which I’ve read, and it’s great, and I think our plan is to crack on and shoot next year. Touch wood. They move and they change but we definitely want to get on with it.

While I would love to see this film moving forward as soon as possible, I think we need to see the caution under Frost’s optimism. Pegg’s availability for a shoot next year will depend on his schedule for J J Abrams Star Trek 2 while Marvel could finally get around to giving Wright’s long in-development Ant Man film the nod. (Marvel still has two dates staked out in 2014 but haven’t publicly committed titles to them yet.)

There’s not much about The World’s End that we know outside of the fact that it will be a genre film much in the same Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz were genre films and that one of its themes will be about reaching middle age. Beyond that, though – nothing. Does the title refer to Armageddon, the edge of a Flat Earth or something else entirely? No matter what the answer is, I’m sure that it will be a fitting conclusion to the cycle of films that the three have created so far.

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Is Simon Pegg Too Old To Play Himself?

Posted on 29 September 2009 by Rich Drees

SimonPeggIf you’ve ever flipped through the comic book The Boys, you probably noticed that one of the characters, Wee Hughie, looks alot like British comic actor Simon Pegg. That’s because the series’ creators Garth Ennis and Darrick Robinson have purposely (and with permission) modeled the character on the actor. And now with talk of a possible Boys film, everyone is just assuming that Pegg will be getting the part.

Everyone but Pegg that is.

In a recent twitter post, Pegg stated-

The Boys rocks. Think I’m a little old to play Hughie though. There has been talk of a movie for some time. Would be fun.

Well, I disagree with Pegg. The book, which tells the story of a CIA-sponsored group tasked with policing the world’s superheroes, has only been published since 2006, so it’s not like the character design has been frozen while Pegg has been aging unnaturally fast or anything. He has certainly demonstrated his ability to do a convincing Scottish accent in Star Trek, so that can’t be a concern.

Pegg currently has the John Landis dark comedy Burke And Hare as the next film on his schedule, with a Star Trek sequel lurking unscheduled in the future. The only other project waiting in the wings right now for the actor is The World’s End, which will see him working with frequent co-star Nick Frost and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright. The film version of The Boys is still being developed, so any maybe Pegg is saying that he’ll be too old to play Hughie if they don’t start shaking a leg.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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