THOR Comic-Con Trailer Leaks!

July 29, 2010

One of the big moments of last weekend’s Sand Diego Comic Con was the screening of a five minute trailer for attendees of Marvel Studios upcoming Thor. Normally these things tend to show up online [click for more]

JONAH HEX Trailer Hits Web

April 30, 2010

One of the most anticipated comic book movies to be released this year, after Iron ManĀ 2 and maybe Scott Pilgrim Saves The World has to be Jonah Hex. The trailer has just recently hit the [click for more]

Trailer: Alex Cox’s REPO CHICK

January 25, 2010

Is Repo Chick a sequel from director Alex Cox to his 1984 punk cult classic Repo Man? Not officially, as Universal Studios tried to point out to Cox when they filed a cease-and-desist after the [click for more]

Trailer: Noel Clarke’s

January 18, 2010

To most Americans, Noel Clarke is probably best known as Mickey Jones, the oft-times hapless boyfriend of Rose Tyler, time-traveling companion to the mysterious Doctor on the British science-fiction series Doctor Who. However, Clarke has [click for more]

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