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Garrett Hedlund To Take The Lead In TRON 2.0

Posted on 07 January 2009 by Rich Drees

tron202Garrett Hedlund will be sucked into the cyberspace world within in a computer for Disney’s Tron 2.0.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the Friday Night Lights star has been cast as the lead in the upcoming sequel to the 1981 cult classic, beating out the likes of Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and Michael Stahl-David for the part.

garretthedlundDisney is holding their cards relatively close to their vest and have not released what Hedlund’s character’s name will be or any real plot details save that he will be “a man who finds himself pulled into the world of a computer and retracing the steps of a character from the original movie named Kevin Flynn.” Jeff Bridges, who played Flynn in the original film, has been signed for the sequel along with original Tron star Bruce Boxleitner.

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Boxleitner Returns For TRON 2.0!

Posted on 24 December 2008 by Rich Drees

tron202Christmas came a little early for those of us eagerly awaiting Disney’s TRON 2.0.

Bruce Boxleitner, one of the stars of the original 1981 cult classic TRON is returning for the sequel as computer programmer Alan Bradley and his cyberspace alter-ego, the computer program TRON. Boxleitner will be joining his original TRON co-star Jeff Bridges for the new film. The pair will be joined by new comers Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett.

We still haven’t heard much in the way of details about the plot of the new film, but it is encouraging and exciting that both Boxleitner and Bridges are on board. Now, how about getting Cindy Morgan, David Warner and Peter Jurasik in the cast?

Via ComingSoon.

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TR2N Gets A New Name And Some Plot Hints

Posted on 01 December 2008 by Rich Drees

It looks as if someone at Disney has come to realization that TR2N is a terrible title for their upcoming sequel to the groundbreaking 1981 Tron.

Unfortunately,¬†the new name they’ve picked is even worse.


Now granted, when the original movie came out not a lot of people were able to make heads or tails out of what its name meant. Perhaps in the years to come after its release, TRZ will seem as¬†absolutely natural as Tron does today. Of course, there’s still plenty of time left to change it again.

News of the film’s name change comes to us from the new issue of Production Weekly, which also had this to say about the film’s plot-

After being transported into the surreal landscape of a mainframe computer to destroy an intruder (Tron), a programmer finds himself allied with the leader of a rebellion against a corrupt cyber-entity.

Are we to infer that the programmer is initially drawn in to the cyberworld of the main to fight Tron but realizes that he is actually the good guy and switches sides to defeat the “corrupt cyber-entity”? I’m not sure, but it sounds promising.

Via CinemaBlend.

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