First Look At “He-Man” Documentary TOY MASTERS

I guess I have to accept that I’ve reached the age where I will be seeing documentaries that explore things from my youth. We’ve seen the classic arcade video games explored in The King Of Kong and Chasing Ghosts. Another big part of growing up at that time was the intertwining of toy lines and cartoon series, with the classic He-Man And The Masters of the Universe action figures and its related animated series being the lightening rod for the controversy that arose around such shows and toys and it looks like Toy Masters is stepping up to tell that story.

Although it is still currently in production, the preview below was screened at Sand Diego Comic-Con last month. It promises to investigate the conflicting claims as to at toy manufacturer Mattel is actually responsible for the creation of the character as well as the controversy that arose around the toys and cartoon series after they became huge hits. I can vaguely remember some of the whole “These toys promote satanism” nonsense from when I was a kid, but even then I was annoyed that these people seemed unable to separate the idea that we were just playing and that we didn’t believe that these characters and magic actually existed.

Via Cartoon Brew.

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