Entertainment Weekly, You Are Dead To Me

Dean Wormer?- Dead!

Neidermeyer?- Dead!

Entertainment Weekly?- Dead!

Dead to me at least.

So glossy press release reprint source Entertainment Weekly has published a list of their 25 favorite online entertainment sites. And in between the glowing ego-strokes for the Youtubes and Defamers and Newsaramas of the cyberworld, the list has one glaring omission- no FilmBuffOnLine.

You know, I bust my hump around here to try and provide an entertaining and informative online experience for you readers. Sure, the site probably only gets about as many hits a month as Aintitcool gets in an hour, but come on EW, how about a little love? Is there anyone else out there trying to do what we’re doing here? Not that that I’ve been able to find.

And to think of all the hours I’ve wasted reading the multiple trial subscriptions that get pushed on me by those Best Buy register jockeys.

I won’t forget this.

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