TANK GIRL: The Deleted Scenes

Director Rachel Talalay’s 1995 adaptation of the popular British comic book Tank Girl may have been raked over by critics and generally ignored by audiences during its brief theatrical run, it has managed to gather a small cult following.* Unfortunately, that following isn’t enough to ensure that studio MGM would want to put the time, money and effort towards a special edition DVD release that would improve the current barebones release already out there.

But for those fans of the film looking to see more of what Talalay had in mind for the film before she had to deal with interference from higher-ups in the studio, there’s hope. Over at her personal site, Talalay has posted some material in the form of photos and several previously unseen clips from Tank Girl that wound up on the cutting room floor. Included among the clips are the film’s original intended beginning (with some storyboards filling in for never finished effects shots), the film’s original ending, a different cut of its mid-film Cole Porter musical number and more. One of the photos features the film’s original Tank Girl, Emily Lloyd, before she was replaced by Lori Petty.

You can check it out here.

* A few years back, I attended an appearance by Malcolm McDowell, who plays Tank Girl‘s villainous Kesslee, where before he spoke, a montage of his various film roles was played. By far the clip that got the biggest cheer was a scene from Tank Girl.

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