Joanna Cassidy, the sexy rogue replicant in director Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner, has reported on her website that she has just finished reshooting certain of her scenes from the film for the upcoming DVD release.

While the announcement doesn’t specify which scenes, it does state that she wore her original costume from the film, which she had kept.

The newsblog film ick, which first broke the story, has further reported from a source that the reshoots were done in studio using a green screen with the intention of being digitally composited into existing film elements. A further report on film ick states that actor Harrison Ford’s son Benjamin may be possible doing voiceover work for his father’s character.

Set in a dystopic future, Blade Runner featured Cassidy appeared as one of several human looking robots being hunted by Harrison Ford. Cassidy’s character Zhora had been hiding out as an exotic dancer in a seedy club when she is discovered by Ford’s detective Rick Deckard, who gives chase in one of the film’s more memorable action set pieces.

The sequence has several small errors that have been spotted by audiences over the years. When Zhora crashes through a series of glass walls it is obviously a stunt double for Cassidy. Also, though she is shown as wearing high-heeled boots earlier, Cassidy’s boots have flat soles during the chase scene.

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