If you’re a regular moviegoer like me, at this point in the summer you’re probably suffering from a bit of what I like to call ”blockbuster bloat” and are probably looking for something a little different. Normally, I’d recommend something like the documentary King Of Kong, which opens today. In fact, when I saw the film – which tells the struggle of a laid-off Boeing engineer attempting to break the world’s Donkey Kong record high score and discovering himself suddenly entrenched in the surprisingly internecine world of competitive video gaming – this past spring at the Philadelphia International Film Festival, I gave the film a positive review.

Unfortunately, Picturehouse is only opening the film on a total of five screens, so unless you live in New York City, Seattle, Austin or Los Angeles, you’re out of luck. However, according to the film’s website, it will be making its way to at least 25 more markets within the next couple of weeks.

To whet your appetite, though, Picturehouse has supplied us with a clip from the movie featuring an explanation from some of the folks in the video game world about the degree of difficulty to be found in Donkey Kong-

And if that’s not enough- here’s the film’s trailer-

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