LOGAN’S RUN Finds New Director

Commercial director Joseph Kosinski has been signed to helm Warner Brothers’ remake of the 1976 science-fiction picture Logan’s Run according to a Hollywood Reporter article published today.

Although he was originally developing the film and had gotten as far as developing animated, pre-visualization storyboards, Bryan Singer left the project to shoot Superman Returns. Since then directors Robert Schwenke and James McTeigue had both been connected with the film, though more recently the film had been thought to be languishing in development.

The original, based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, was set in a future where turning 30 years old was a death sentence in a bid to control overpopulation. Those who would try to avoid their death were known as ”runners” and the film’s hero, Logan, played in the original by Michael York, was one of the special police charged with hunting runners down. That is, until Logan turns 30 himself and decides to flee to the safety of a rumored place called Sanctuary where one would be free to live past 30.

Kosinski reportedly won the job after a presentation to studio bosses which included graphic art and computer animated visuals highlighting a low-tech production design closer to original novel’s intent than to the original film’s high-gloss futurism.

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