More Star Trek News:John Cho added to cast as Sulu.

Actor John Cho, best known for his role of Harold in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (and its forthcoming sequel), has been cast as Lt. Hikaru Sulu in J.J. Abrams Star Trek film. The part was originated on the TV screen by George Takei.

This means that out of the original Star Trek crew, only two crew members have yet to be cast, but they are two big ones-Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy. Just My Luck’s Chris Pine is in discussions for the role of Kirk.

The budget for the project has been reported (though not confirmed) to be in the $150-160 million dollar range, the biggest budget of any Trek film.

Abrams use of relatively new and,except for Simon Pegg and Eric Bana, unknown actors leads me to believe that the director is going with a “quality over quantity” with his cast to keep costs down.

Sorry to hit you with two Star Trek items in one day, but that’s the way it works out sometimes.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Moviehole.

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