JUSTICE LEAGUE: Rumor Roundup, Part 2

Well, no sooner do we report on a rumor that it looks like British actor Rupert Evans will slipping into an American accent as well as red and blue spandex for the role of Superman in Warner Brothers upcoming Justice League superhero flick than someone goes and actually bothers to ask the actor’s agent if it’s true.

The folks over at IESB had the foresight to, and have posted the rep’s denial.

Never one to be twice shy after having been once bitten, AintItCool News is now reporting that it appears that Theresa Palmer may have aced out Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the role of Wonder Woman.

AintItCool is also featuring a report from someone who claims to have read the script. The report is in a question and answer format, with the answers hidden in invisotext (which you need to highlight to read) so as to hide potential spoilers, though the last question is worded in such a way as to be a huge spoiler. Proceed with caution.

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