Jennifer Connolly Heads To EARTH

Jennifer Connolly is taking the lead female role opposite Keanu Reeves in Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming remake of the classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. Kathy Bates is also in talks for a role in the film.

Connelly will be playing Helen Benson, an employee of the Department of Commerce who meets Klaatu (Reeves), the alien who comes to Earth with the ultimatum that the continued aggression of the humans may be dealt with fatally by the watching intergalactic community. Patricia Neal played the role in the 1951 original. There is no word as to what character Bates will be playing.

The prospect of direct Scott Derrickson successfully remaking this film still seems rather slim to me. (And no, I’m not referring to the typically wooden Reeves being cast in a role that calls for a calm charisma, though I think he’d be a good prospect for the towering, unemotive robot Gort.) While its message that human beings need to start trying to live together in peace is as timely as ever, the original’s tone does tend to come off as a bit like a mother scolding her squabbling children. No disrespect meant, though, as the film is on numerous “Best Of” lists including mine own. However, successfully updating the material for a more sophisticated audience may prove difficult.

The movie starts production next month in Vancouver.

Via Variety.

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